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  1. Steve C

    Lee Thickett (Troubador) - R.I.P.

    Nice to have some insight into his sheep signature line. For whatever reason, I never thought to ask him about that. On further reflection, while I completely expected this news, the reality has affected me more than I thought it might. Going to miss Troubadour.
  2. Steve C

    Lee Thickett (Troubador) - R.I.P.

    Lee and I would communicate frequently. However that diminished some after his final trip to Islay. I'd known of the nature of his affliction and hoped he would rebound. I let him know he was in my thoughts. This forum will be poorer for his departure. RIP my friend.
  3. Steve C

    Rarity of technical binocular reviews

    Technical reviews require several things. First is the possession of appropriate equipment. Next there is the ability to use the equipment and to be able to tell what the results mean. Then there is the ability to access enough binoculars to provide a meaningful data base. There are not many...
  4. Steve C

    The Best Binoculars in the World

    Looks like I mis-spoke myself :oops:. I said 7*, but meant 8*. However even comparing am 8* 8x to a 9+* 7x, the 7x, IMO still needs that extra degree to really shine. Put that with the added depth, less shake and all factors that those of us who like 7x (and I am one of those) in the 7x...
  5. Steve C

    The Best Binoculars in the World

    That will do just fine for an 8x binocular. However I was talking about a 9* fov for a modern 7x roof binocular. I think pigs may sprout wings before we see Zeiss apply that 8.75* fov to a 7x32 SF. Since the 8.5* of the 7x42 FL works pretty well, I suppose that 8.75* would too. I have a...
  6. Steve C

    The Best Binoculars in the World

    The real advantages of a 7x cannot be properly expressed in most all modern roofs. Sorry, but a 7* fov in a 7x, while adequate, does not add the proper width to match the depth Lee mentions. The Zeiss 7x42 FL just about there, but still needed another half degree. You need to see 7x through...
  7. Steve C

    Troubador's life with Binoculars

    I also started with an individual focus binocular. My Dad's Horizon 7x50. Big ungainly thing al;most made me swear off binoculars. However I still have it. I even took it apart, cleaned it and replaced the prisms. Finally wound up with a Swifr 8x40 Nighthawk in my college days. One thing...
  8. Steve C


    It must feel great to be home after 3 weeks!
  9. Steve C

    B.3 vs C.2

    It really gets down to the question of need. If you need a wider fov, better glass, and better quality, then go the B3. If you need a small size, and can do with a smaller fov, then go C2. Any of the Maven B series compete well againsgt whatever you can name. The C series generally offers a...
  10. Steve C

    Get well card for Lee (Troubador)

    Lee has my best wishes and is in my thoughts and prayers. He has mentioned here before what he has is terminal. I sincerely hope he has more trips to his beloved Islay in store. I also look forward to more of our several times a year lengthy email conversations. He does indeed help to keep...
  11. Steve C

    Birding without a camera, forever?

    In my opinion, a person is far better off becoming a birder first and a bird photographer second. My Ornithology professor would have wholeheartedly agreed with fazalmajid's linked article, wherein it stated your memory id better than camera's memory. He taught birding, (at least the bird ID...
  12. Steve C

    Birding without a camera, forever?

    Birding and Bird Photography, it seems to me, are two different things. Do you want to maximize the number of sightings or search for a couple of perfect images? Decide which one you want to participate in before you leave the house to go out. Cameras are certainly useful, but the thought of...
  13. Steve C

    Torn between the ~$1000 options..

    I'm with both Paul and Ratal here. It is an exercise in hair splitting to try and ferret out significant differences between two binoculars in any particular price level. I agree with Ratal about the Aurora. It is a one and done. Mine is a 10x42and is superb. However it is no better than...
  14. Steve C

    how to price a damaged binocular ?

    Yuengling sounds like something you need to be vaccinated against. But hey two of my neighbors are microbrewers, and they make good stuff.
  15. Steve C

    how to price a damaged binocular ?

    Yeah I had forgotten about those. I think I must have stopped off for a nap on one of those mattress posts and slept through post 30.
  16. Steve C

    how to price a damaged binocular ?

    Well, I sure missed that one as I went through the thread:oops:. My speed reader sometimes malfunctions.
  17. Steve C

    how to price a damaged binocular ?

    I'm with Andy here. Even if you really don't want to send it in, a request will very likely get you a new cap in the mail at no cost. Once you get the new cap, some contact cement and little to no effort will attach it good as new. As to price, that to a large degree depends on what you need...
  18. Steve C

    Do the owners of both Zeiss SF and Swarovski EL/NL feel they are uncomfortable for the different color cast?

    Actually threads like this one, informative as they can be, always swerve into areas of pure subjectivity, where everybody seems to be looking for either Unicorns or maybe even Nirvana. Neither is to be found. We are seeing through mechanical optical systems that agree to one degree or another...
  19. Steve C

    Do the owners of both Zeiss SF and Swarovski EL/NL feel they are uncomfortable for the different color cast?

    As I see the problem, it (or whatever competitors evolve) will become impossible to dismiss even if we wanted to. As long as it is something Big Tech can use to harvest our data were going to be stuck with it. It will soon be what "Google it" is now.
  20. Steve C

    Viper HD vs Razor HD 10x42 FOV

    I tend to agree with Paul here. I recently had Vortex replace a 2005 vintage Fury 6.5x32 with a new 8x42 Viper HD. Have to say I was surprised by the View from the Viper HD. I'd not feel put put or disadvantaged using the Viper in any scenario. That got my curiosity up so I went to the...
  21. Steve C

    Looking for an 8x32 in the $300 range

    I gave this one a like. It represents quite a bit about binocular choices, IMO. Here is a new user, wanting to spend a modest sum, who looked around, made a choice, went with it and is happy with the result. I happen to think he could have made the very same post by inserting a number of...
  22. Steve C

    Looking for an 8x32 in the $300 range

    The Snypex has considerably less fov than the Opticron. The Opticron choice seem obvious to me. The Snypex fov is just smaller than really would like to use, the Opticron is more in my comfort range. SInce I use Teddy Roosevelt quote in my signature line, I'll add another TR quote...
  23. Steve C

    8x32 Verano

    It realluy depends on what you value. For example if you have somewhat larger hands, the Verano is better, If you value a wider fov, then the Traveller is perhaps better. Personally I would spend the money on the Verano. There are two pretty common complaints about typicel 30-32 mm roof...
  24. Steve C

    Looking to upgrade my Vanguard Endeavor ED IV 10x42

    I've never seen an Endeavor, so I can't speak specifically to those. However they seem to get pretty good user comments. In my general experience there is not as much improvement to be had switching binoculars and staying within a similar price range. Just what is it you want to improve upon...
  25. Steve C

    Looking for Binocular recommendations in the $300-$500 range.

    If you can find the BX-4 in stock somewhere and you like how it fits, my advice is to go for it. It is a very good, and highly competitive glass.