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    Dusk light performance relative to weight, NL Pure 10x32 vs 10x42

    I'm 35, and I worked for over a decade throwing tongs on a drilling rig, and I'm fit. I don't mind a heavy bino for many activities. However, doing something like a Raptor Count, where you are glassing for the majority of 8-10 hours, it matters.
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    What's your most used binocular?

    Far and away most used is my Swarovski 8x20 pocket. They are most used because they can go with me anywhere because they are so small and light. If I am going birding specifically I take a full sized bino.
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    Spring Migration of raptors - Mexico

    https://hawkcount.org/ I don't know about Mexico, but Tolima Colombia gets some crazy numbers.
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    Dusk light performance relative to weight, NL Pure 10x32 vs 10x42

    200 grams on your back, you'll never notice. Holding 200 extra grams up to your face for 10 hours straight, yeah you'll definitely notice.
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    Dusk light performance relative to weight, NL Pure 10x32 vs 10x42

    Although it's been a while since I've worked in retail. The trend for birders has definitely been towards 32mm binoculars, while many hunters still go for larger binoculars with bigger exit pupils. Obviously preferences vary, even among a given activity.
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    Is there a way to check if a bino has Swarobright?

    Swarovski got back to me saying they have had Swarobright in this model since 1998, but I think this forum has established that isn't correct. From Swarovski: Hello Mr. XXXXXX, this SLC from the year 2002 has already SWAROBRIGHT, SWAROTOP, SWARODUR coatings (since 1998). Mit besten Grüßen...
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    Is there a way to check if a bino has Swarobright?

    Thanks for that info! I have sent an email to Swarovski with the serial number to double check. I'm checking them out on Friday.
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    Is there a way to check if a bino has Swarobright?

    I'm interested in a local Swarovski 8x50 SLC. Serial number says 2002 manufactured (D7227XXXXX) I know Swarovski started dielectric prism coatings (Swarobright) in 1999 and many model switched over in 2001. Is there any way to tell if this 2002 SLC has dielectric coatings? No original box...
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    New AX Visio 10x32 binocular

    That does make sense, although how well does Merlin photo ID work in places with less data points? I honestly have never tried using it much even in my local area (Canada). I guess it will probably do fine on common, easily distinguishable birds. The $1850 premium over a 10×32 NL Pure will buy...
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    New AX Visio 10x32 binocular

    I just plugged it into Merlin and it says Rufous. That's the thing, Merlin photo ID works great for easy IDs, but it does not work for challenging IDs, or it gives unreliable results. The bino will be great for a beginner trying to tell a BCCH from a RBNU, but it isn't going to positively ID...
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    Nikon ED82 Fieldscope vs Monarch 82ED with Hyperion Zoom

    Upgrade in FOV and comfort, but at best side grade optically, most likely a slight downgrade optically. I don't have the monarch, but do have an 82ED and MCII zoom EP (As well as a 38x wide MC) and I have the APM adapter to use the field scope eyepieces in my telescope, so I have compared them...
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    What's the latest on Meopta?

    Meopta has been such a basket case with marketing, even when I worked in the industry 15 years ago. I remember when Cabela's sold them as the Euro, and there was controversy over the differences between them and the Meopta versions, controversy over what coatings were on what bino's, complaints...
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    What was your best found “patch bird”this year?

    My best local patch find this year was a Barred Owl. A common owl in other parts of the province, but only found once or twice a year in my eBird region and mine was the first ever in my town.
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    Great Grey Owl on Prince Edward Island?

    It's a Barred Owl! Welcome! Nice find!
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    Comment by 'sillyak' in media 'Barred Owl Portrait'

    No it's the Z 100-400mm S. Loving the lens, I've had it for about 6 months now.
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    Atlantic Odyssey - (23 March to 24 April 2025)

    Sorry to hear about your friend. This trip is absolutely ultimate bucket list for me. Unfortunately not possible for at least another 10 years as I have a busy young family. Have a wonderful trip!
  17. Barred Owl Portrait

    Barred Owl Portrait

    Barred Owl seen on my morning walk
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    Early attempts at wildlife videography

    Thanks! The Elk were shot on a tripod with my old Manfrotto 501 head, which isn't very smooth. I should see if I can get it a little smoother and practice some more. I want to get a video head that is arca compatible and has good movement. I also want a microphone next time I shoot Elk in the...
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    Early attempts at wildlife videography

    I have been doing wildlife photography for a while, but I am trying to do more video work. Editing is quite a daunting process, and I have realized I need a good microphone as all my shots from last week are nothing but wind noise. Either way, I managed to piece together a short video. Let me...
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    Merlin takes down a Rock Dove, then promptly has its prize stolen.

    There were also a pair of Blue Jay's and several Crows in the trees above, but they let the Magpies do the dirty work. I'm pretty sure the Merlin's in my town do well on house sparrows, but it must be tough losing such a prize. I'm amazed that a Merlin can even take down a Pigeon.
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    Merlin takes down a Rock Dove, then promptly has its prize stolen.

    Here is a video I put together of the action in my yard a few days ago. First attempt at a wildlife video so please don't judge it too harshly!
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    12x50 B1 (non HD)

    There is a 12x50 B1 non-HD model for sale locally near me for $300 USD. I have B1 10x42 HD and love them. Does anyone have experience with the older 12x50?
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    Life after the ED82…

    Optically, I don't think it is possible to upgrade in the same size class. They are seriously that good. Match, sure, but I have yet to try another scope of the same size that beats my 82a. The newer scopes certainly have attractive features: bayonet eyepieces, zooms with large AFOV and lots of...
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    Cuba endemics from 18/02/24 to 01/03/24

    I have been to Cuba twice. They do not stamp passports for exactly this reason.
  25. MerlinTD1Full.jpg


    Female Merlin takes down a Rock Dove. Merlin was chased off the kill in short order by a group of corvids.