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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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    Challenge - shortest, clearest explanation of why 8x FOV tends to be greater than 7x and 10x

    Thanks for playing. I'm afraid I can't identify a winner because we all got pretty off track real quick, as one does on a forum... Tenex is closest though. This is interesting... I recall reading a comment somewhere, saying that the Zeiss FL 7x42 were made by shortening the length of the...
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    First image of NL x52's!

    that little toothy-looking vertical slit in the armor looks cool. God they look heavy to me, but I bet I would love the view.
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    Curio mods and review while travelling

    Hama 103691 case. I ordered it over Amazon and it shipped from Australia(!!)(im in the USA) Hama 103691 Hardcase Colour Style 60 L Camera Bag - Black https://a.co/d/8fsLYgT
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    Curio mods and review while travelling

    Curios are great. Not as great as the NL, but the best glass is the one you have with you. I had a day at work last week, and was listening to a podcast about passenger pigeons that was great, but ultimately depressing. I took the scenic route home and spotted four small herons flying over...
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    Mid-level 10x50 (Maven B6) vs Alpha 10x42 (Noctivid)

    I noticed that also… only a class act would first choose not mention that he was selling one, and then give an honest opinion that is critical of the very instrument he aims to sell. #integrity 👍
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    Challenge - shortest, clearest explanation of why 8x FOV tends to be greater than 7x and 10x

    Posts can get super in the technical weeds here, and frequently that is what I'm here for, so thanks for that. Not this time thought... The challenge here is to explain to me, as clearly but briefly as possible, 1) why magnification seems to relate to FOV, and, 2) why does it seem to be the case...
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    Change to Zeiss SFL 10x40 or stick with my Leicas

    I mean… you don’t even NEED ONE pair. Despite the joy I get out of a close view, most of my IDs I get by ear, or general pattern and behavior from afar. But, I certainly prefer and ENJOY having (1) a small pocket bin for dog walks and unexpected roadside stops, I ENJOY having (2) a 7x42 that I...
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    Terrible Swarovski customer service for NL coating failure - No response for a month, then a $50 charge for expedited service

    I don’t think I’d expect the complimentary service to be particularly fast and I’m surprised there is an expedite option. FedEx and UPS cannot deliver to PO Boxes and blaming SONA for that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It is annoying that they didn’t respond faster to your online inquiry...
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    Victory 7x42 fl* Thoughts and price?

    So I did finally get around to deliberately retesting my earlier-described impressions of the edge of the view in my FL 7x42. I can confirm that my original test, seeing if leaves sharpen at the edge with focus is true, but when I tried this with an actual bird, I found that the sharpness at the...
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    Victory 7x42 fl* Thoughts and price?

    I’ll see if I can see this smeary distortion this afternoon. I played with the out of focus parts previously and don’t recall seeing anything like that, only portions that were out of focus (but COULD be focused, if you really want to see the edge at the expense of the center). Will report...
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    Victory 7x42 fl* Thoughts and price?

    I don’t have the expertise of many here, and will defer to such experts on the finer details that I cannot distinguish when using the bins (not dissecting it). In my user experience, I have not observed any distortion at the edge, when the edge was in focus.
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    Victory 7x42 fl* Thoughts and price?

    That’s a heck of a deal you got. Congrats!
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    Victory 7x42 fl* Thoughts and price?

    FYI - I had trouble with one of my eye cups and wrote to Zeiss, asking for two replacements. I had them in about 2 weeks, free of charge, and now I have an extra.
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    Victory 7x42 fl* Thoughts and price?

    I have had an older pair of 7x42 FL for about a month. They’re my favorite bins I’ve ever used. They threaten my NL 8x32 because they are quite light for a 42 (and the NL is heavy for a 32), and the eye comfort is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. At the center they appear as sharp as...
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    Comparing 10x32 NL with 8x42 NL, some (not ground breaking) thoughts...

    Yes, clearly, when comparing bins with differences in transmission, from coatings or glass composition or whatever, would change things. That is not, however, the focus of the scenario to which I was referring, and responding.
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    Comparing 10x32 NL with 8x42 NL, some (not ground breaking) thoughts...

    The pupil reacts to the light in front of it, not just around, in the sky - looking into the eyecups of a bin with less light will cause the pupil to dilate, receiving more of that light you say is lost. Conversely, the pupil will constrict in response to concentrated light, e.g., under the...
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    My first pair, help please.

    I also do a lot of photography in the field and, despite loving my bigger bins, prefer something that isn’t only light but small enough to be out of the way when I’m negotiating heavy camera, lens(es) and tripod. For me even a 32mm is on the bigger end of what I want in that setting, and a...
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    Recommendations for a binocular harness

    I’ve also found that the RY harness is less comfortable with heavier bins, but up to a Zeiss FL 7x42 it works great. I did not like it with the EL42s.
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    Swarovski NL Pure 8x32 vs CL Companion 8x30

    you can see data per optics in the older zeiss vp 20 and 25 bins here: https://www.houseofoutdoor.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/THE-NEW-SWAROVSKI-7X21-CURIO-def.pdf And, back to the topic at hand, the excellent performance of the Swaro CL-B here (ranked #6 among their tested 8x30/32 category)...
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    Swarovski NL Pure 8x32 vs CL Companion 8x30

    Those are a lot of factors you identify, but still seem to forget that people have different priorities, maybe with all their bins, maybe just with the next on their list. Maybe a person has the NL already but interested to learn how the CL compares when considering a second, or a gift. I have...
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    Swarovski NL Pure 8x32 vs CL Companion 8x30

    VP = victory pocket (20 - 25mm objectives) I agree they are pleasant to use, but for me the 10x is less so, but I know people differ quite a bit on their preference. I’m about to send a pair of 10x20VP to my dad, as I thought they might be handy for car bins but even there I prefer the larger...
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    Local Leica Ultravid or imported SW CL 10x25?

    If you’re in the US, bhphoto.com has both bins (and the Zeiss vp 10x25 with 16.5mm relief and better ergronomics). But in any case, no, shipping should not effect collimation, or nearly all of us would be out of luck.
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    Swarovski 7x30 B SLC Mark I produced in the year 2000 ?

    Very cool - I have discovered that I love 7x bins, and I’ll be keeping a keen eye out for some of these.
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    Car binoculars

    Mine have also improved as my overall collection does… currently: Nikon monarch 5 8x42 Zeiss victory 8x20 Swarovski curio 7x21
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    Swarovski eye candy...

    Can’t beat Swaro Green