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ZEISS DTI thermal imaging cameras. For more discoveries at night, and during the day.

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  1. Mono

    Carrying Scope and Tripod in the Mountains

    I have a drawscope that I carry when in the mountains. No need for a tripod, there are usually plenty of things to brace against.
  2. Mono

    Natural history museum, bird exhibition

    It's on until Jan 2025, I'll have to fit it in to my next visit to London.
  3. Mono

    Right Whale off Ireland

    A remarkable sighting. Chances are it is a rogue individual rather than a new population. https://iwdg.ie/1st-irish-record-of-a-north-atlantic-right-whale-validated-by-iwdg/
  4. Mono

    Worlds rarest Whale

    Someone beat you to it... https://www.birdforum.net/threads/spade-toothed-whale-washed-up-in-new-zealand.459387/
  5. Mono

    Bird books and value

    You could try searching for them on Abe... https://www.abebooks.co.uk/ But be aware the prices that come up are what people are trying to sell them for. There is no guarantee that they have actually sold any for that price.
  6. Mono

    England next April

    If you want a ready made trip these folk offer an 18 day UK wide grand tour. https://www.birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-uk-spring-tour/
  7. Mono

    Nest camera advice

    Do you want a nest box with a built in camera or do you want add a camera to an existing box or do you want to point a camera an open nest? Also be aware that disturbing nesting birds is an offence.
  8. Mono

    Are Lapwings numbers declining?

    Nesting Lapwings fell foul of the move from hay to sillage. The early sillage cuts don't give them time to rear a brood. Hay as winter fodder has clung on in Western Isles until now. Increasingly crofters are using artificial fertiliser to enable an early first cut this has increased pressure on...
  9. Mono

    Thermal imager monocular for general birding

    Have a read through this thread... Night vision equipment for mortals A thermal imager will help you find birds, even during daytime, but it is very much an adjunct to normal optics.
  10. Mono

    Snake Strasbourg France

    Any further description?
  11. Mono

    Birding In The Outer Hebrides

    My wife and I spent a week on the Uists in June this year, saw 73 species. I found accommodation slightly cheaper than mainland Scotland, but when you factor in the ferry it comes in about the same. There are lots of pod style wooden tent things, including some next to RSPB Balranald...
  12. Mono

    Birding In The Outer Hebrides

    Calmac operate 5 ferry routes from various bits of mainland Scotland to the Western Isles. https://www.calmac.co.uk/ You can fly to Barra, Benbecula and Stornoway. There are all manner of tourist accommodation available from campsites to hotels. There are buses, but you do really need a car...
  13. Mono

    Excel checklist of the Birds of the African continent

    I have tried a couple of ways to parse the Avibase generated pdf into Excel but with no success. The African Bird Club lists can only be generated on a per country basis not a whole Africa list.
  14. Mono

    Binocular magnification: an immutable 2008 perspective

    You don't need to convince we of the virtues of 7x. My three go to bins are all 7x.
  15. Mono

    Birding Binos

    It will depend on where you do your birding. Most folk tend to go for 8x but if you bird in open country you may prefer a 10x. A 32mm objective makes for a handier form factor but 42mm will yield better performance in low light. Anything smaller than 30mm is really a specialist binocular for...
  16. Mono

    Birding In The Outer Hebrides

    Spent a week on the Uists in June. Very un-seasonal weather but managed 73 species.
  17. Mono

    Why haven't we got a TV series dedicated to birding/ birdwatching in the U.K?

    The Jim Moir series had me split, I found the field sketching fascinating and I also found watching the detail of the studio painting fascinating but the showpiece studio paintings were painted from, copied from, photographs. It wasn't clear if they were Jim's photos but if they were I would...
  18. Mono

    Does anyone not keep a life list?

    I don't keep a life list. I have a very good memory and could flick through a field guide and tell you what I had seen, but I don't have a complied list. To me birding is part of a wider appreciation and understanding of nature. I don't see it as an exercise of collecting. If there is a rare...
  19. Mono

    Turkey vulture hazing?

    It is illegal he would need a permit from the Fish and Wildlife Service.
  20. Mono

    kingfishet by the sea?

    Can't speak about Collared Kingfisher but in the UK Kingfishers will often be seen by the coast, particularly in winter. I have seen them fishing in rockpools.
  21. Mono

    Importing used optical equipment

    If the value is more than £39 you will have to pay VAT at 20%. You may have to pay import duty but that will depend on what you are importing and where from, this can vary from 0% to 35% or more. Have a look here... https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/find_commodity
  22. Mono

    Birding Advice - Scotland

    The Scottish Ornithology Club make a great free app. Which is basically local knowledge condensed. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.muckypuddle.soc
  23. Mono

    Bee Eaters

    I have moved it to here...
  24. Mono

    Why haven't we got a TV series dedicated to birding/ birdwatching in the U.K?

    I have always thought a Sky at Night type programme about birding would work. Once a month, a mix of what's about at the moment mixed with Springwatch-esque pieces about particular birds or reserves. But the only folk who would commission such piece would be the BBC and they basically aren't...
  25. Mono

    Cam for Platform Feeder

    You need to look at the security market rather than looking for a dedicated wildlife camera. Something like this... https://www.amazon.com/Amcrest-Security-Waterproof-5-Megapixel-IP5M-B1186EW-28MM/dp/B08K1M34ZQ/?th=1 Although there are a multitude of similar products.