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  1. qwerty5

    Michigan Owl

    Eastern Screech-Owl. A Northern Saw-whet Owl would be brown rather than gray, with a white "V" on the face, and big white spots on the scapulars.
  2. qwerty5

    Asking for help to ID 2 birds - one seen in Arizona , the other in BC Canada

    I'm not experienced with western Empidonax, but I'd say Willow (contrast between throat and face, almost no eye ring, primary extension looks a bit short though).
  3. qwerty5

    Duck ID help - Ontario

    Common Mergansers
  4. qwerty5

    Bird ID Help - Wilket Creek Park, Toronto, Ontario

    Looks more like Eastern Phoebe to me.
  5. qwerty5

    Dark passerine, Sonoma County, Northern CA, USA - Today

    According to Cornell: "Brewer’s Blackbirds eat mostly seeds and grains, but like many small birds they also eat lots of insects while they’re plentiful in summer – sometimes catching them in midair, or picking them off the backs of livestock. In towns, parks, and outdoor cafés, these birds will...
  6. qwerty5

    Dark passerine, Sonoma County, Northern CA, USA - Today

    Looks fine for Brewer's Blackbird
  7. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Apparently fall migration has started. I got an early shorebird that I missed this spring. 191. Least Sandpiper
  8. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    This morning I finally found a common nesting species that has been oddly absent from its normal spots in my county this year. 190. Green Heron
  9. qwerty5


    That's a House Finch with its head feathers messed up.
  10. qwerty5

    Idaho - please help ID these 3 species

    1. Western Kingbird (Cassin's aren't found in Idaho) 2-3. House Sparrow
  11. qwerty5

    Swaison's thrush or veery or wood thrush? ( Canada, South Ontario)

    First two are Veery, last is Swainson's
  12. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Found a local mega this morning. 189. White-winged Dove
  13. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Two uncommon nesters found this morning: 187. Rose-breasted Grosbeak 188. Grasshopper Sparrow
  14. qwerty5

    Strategies for Finding Singing Birds in the Canopy

    Changing your angle is good, and getting the most unobstructed view. Generally it's a matter of just looking and waiting to see movement. As you get more experienced you should be able to spot movement quicker and get your bins on it faster. Vireos can be hard because they aren't as active as...
  15. qwerty5

    What is this bird that I sometimes hear?? United States- Midwest

    As stated by rkj, Blue Jays make a huge variety of sounds, and they have a common call that is similar. However, your bird seems a much better match with the Tufted Titmouse song variation suggested by cerw8385. It doesn't matter if there's not been a recording from your state. The recordings...
  16. qwerty5

    Eastern bluebirds: the last straw

    Bluebirds are quite common, you just need to find a local park or someplace that has bluebird boxes set up. It's probably best to find a social media group for birding in the Twin Cities, and ask there. You won't be able to attract them with food unless you put out a permanent feeder (and that...
  17. qwerty5

    What is this bird that I sometimes hear?? United States- Midwest

    Best I can think of is Blue Jay, but that's just a guess
  18. qwerty5

    Question from Pennsylvania, USA

    Boat-tailed are pretty much limited to the coast. (And they have a much longer tail)
  19. qwerty5

    Canada Birding Species ID

    5. Yellow-rumped Warbler
  20. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    I found an uncommon but always present nester this morning: 186. Vesper Sparrow
  21. qwerty5

    Not Sure

    House Finch
  22. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    This morning I got two uncommon breeders that I missed during migration: 184. Broad-winged Hawk 185. Hooded Warbler
  23. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    Got one warbler that I missed during migration, they are fairly rare nesters here: 183. Black-and-white Warbler
  24. qwerty5

    How's Your 2024 List Going?

    My normal spring shorebird spot has been mostly unsuitable this year, so I've missed several I would normally find in the spring. I did get one new species this morning, however. 182. Semipalmated Sandpiper