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    Colombia's Rare birds - as they become accessible

    Black tinamu, white-streaked antvireo and the east-andean form of crimson-bellied Woodpecker (now split I believe?) at the vereda campucana trail. Chestnut-bellied Cotinga and Masked Mountain Tanager at the Paramo Bordoncillo.
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    Panama Itinerary Review

    A bit of additional info regarding the Darien: You also need a permit from the government to visit the region (certainly so for the best parts such as the NP), so just showing up is a no-no. Not to mention that it requires quite a bit of logistics planning. It's certainly worth it, but doing...
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    Panama Itinerary Review

    Volcan Baru is great for birding, but it does require a high clearance 4 wheel drive with an experienced driver. we ended up organizing it the day before we went up the volcano via the Finca Lerida (Hotel Finca Lérida Coffee Plantation a Boutique Hotel in Boquete Panama) the trails on their...
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    Last 3 ticks whats yours?

    Last 3: Red rumped bush tyrant Santa Marta wren Blue-bearded helmetcrest
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    Algeria binoculars

    Hi Arbu, friends of mine went this spring for the nuthatch and the restrictions were still being applied then. KR, Filip
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    Birding suggestions

    Oswaldo Cortez is Bogota based, with a lot of experience on the Bogota area. He's on FB and guides for Colombia Birding. He's a very knowledgeable birder/scientist and a very nice guy. There's Pablo Florez of Multicolor Birding (based out of Medellin), who could probably put something together...
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    Brazil Atlantic Forest

    Hi Jose, November is early in the rainy season, which may already impact your birding. Which area were you planning to visit and where were you planning to start from Rio or Sao Paulo for example and what is the planned length of the trip? KR, Filip
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    Cuba endemics from 18/02/24 to 01/03/24

    Possibly. Could you provide me with the details? :-)
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    Mongolia August 2024

    Hi Steve, Have you seen the reports from this local company on cloudbirders? : https://www.cloudbirders.com/be4/download?filename=WILDLIFE_TOURS_MONGOLIA_Mongolia_02_03_2023.pdf
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    Colombian Chocó (PNN Utria/Bahia Solano/Nuqui)?

    Hi Julian, it's been a number of years ago now (8 years ago now ...) , but here's what info I can provide. Others may have to correct me with more up-to-date info. Flights are indeed from Medellin (or possibly from Quibdo - but I'd stillr ecommend to pick Medellin) We birded the grounds (and...
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    Last 3 ticks whats yours?

    Dull-capped attila Zigzag Heron Black-bellied Antwren
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    Taking Trailcam's overseas

    One of us took trailcams Along from our trip from belgium via Spain to Panama and that didn't raise any eyebrows at all.
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    Colombia tour companies/guides

    I have birded 5 tours in Colombia from the pacific lowlands to the orinoco basin with Multicolor birding and am happy to recommend them.
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    How many species of owl have you seen

    Noticed I forgot Boreal Owl - Belgium
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    How many species of owl have you seen

    List of owls: (44-47 depending upon taxonomic list) European Barn Owl - Belgium Long-eared owl - Belgium Short-eared owl - Belgium Little Owl - Belgium Eurasian Pygmy Owl- Belgium Tawny Owl - Belgium Northern Hawk Owl - Netherlands Snowy Owl - Belgium Eurasian Eagle Owl - Belgium Spotted Eagle...
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    How many hummingbird species have you seen?

    count stands at 230 between North America, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Brazil.
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    Last 3 ticks whats yours?

    last 3: Zigzag Heron Black-bellied antwren Dull-capped attila
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    Birding Brazil 2024

    Hi there, just back from the Pantanal. Piuval and Aymara are nice (and Aymara has some nice trails). Pantanal is very popular (and not just with birding tour companies) places were already filling up for 2025 apparently ... :-/ Let me know if you' d like some more details on Aymara Lodge or...
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    Colombian Chocó (PNN Utria/Bahia Solano/Nuqui)?

    You're welcome: A correction above: the community near Bahia Solano is El VAlle (it's at the end of the (one) road leading out of Bahia Solano), not Playa De Oro (that's in Ecuador ...) While I heard there's recently been some safety concerns the (lower) Anchicaya Road - old buenavetura road...
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    Trip Suggestions: Kind of a long shot

    Have used multicolor birding for organizing and guiding 5 trips in Colombia by now. can recommend them.
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    Colombian Chocó (PNN Utria/Bahia Solano/Nuqui)?

    Hi there, I can recommend Balmes Mosquera Lima (he's on FB) as a local guide. Probably best to get in touch with him regarding places to stay. we stayed at the community of Playa de Oro (there's a limited number of lodges /small hotels). At least one of the lodges in PLaya De Oro has some...
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    helps needed to decide on budget travel to cr vs colombia vs panama

    True. :-) just wanted to point out that when considering hiring a car depending upon the sites you pick you will have to leave it parked somewhere for the day(s) spent at the more difficult sites.
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    helps needed to decide on budget travel to cr vs colombia vs panama

    A note on car use in Colombia: some of the best places (Montezuma / upper Santa Marta for example) are not reachable in a regular hired car (and require skill handling a 4 wheel drive) , so you'd depend upon transfers / local support if you want to visit those and have you hire car sitting doing...
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Schwarz's Antthrush, dusky-headed brushfinch, east andean antbird and ruby topaz were my last lifers for 2021
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    Yaxchilán - tips & advice please!

    Hi there! I should first state that my visit was 15 years ago, so things may/probably will have changed. Both sites (Bonampak and Yaxchilan) are definitely worth a visit (and birding should be good at both sites - it certainly was when we visited) . They both are a fair distance away from...