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  1. elkcub

    Which Audubon porro to look out for...?

    Ribbon, I'm confused as well. Please search for "Swift Audubon Binoculars" on eBay. Auction #256331299097 is Swift Binoculars #804 Audubon 8.5 X 44 Made In Japan Extra Wide Field Excellent selling for $172.00. Somehow the auction number I posted in #3 was wrong. Anyway, the s/n shows it...
  2. elkcub

    Which Audubon porro to look out for...?

    ?? Oh, no. My recommendation on Post #3 remains in force. So sorry to push you past your bedtime. Ed
  3. elkcub

    Which Audubon porro to look out for...?

    Hello Pat, If you are looking at Auction 285588162976, then I will have to respectfully disagree. The gold stripe model is a Swift Pyser issue from 1982 and is not multi-coated. The one I recommended is the from the late 1990s and is fully multi-coated. It also costs less. Frankly, if I were...
  4. elkcub

    Which Audubon porro to look out for...?

    Hi, Looking on line I came across this eBay auction: 285588162976, which originates in England and should ship easily to your country. This is the Fully Multi-Coated (FMC) version of the HR/5. Assuming it's properly collimated, it looks to be a bargain, so you might want to go for it before...
  5. elkcub

    Lee Thickett (Troubador) - R.I.P.

    How very sad. My condolences to Troubidoris and his family. He will live on in our memories. Ed
  6. elkcub

    Checking Collimation

    What kind of spot, and on what? :unsure: Okay, "spot on" is the absence of an eyestrain/pulling sensation. So, it's not something that is, but something that isn't. I like it. :giggle: Ed
  7. elkcub

    An example of terribly ignorant advicer

    If a stupid article is written by an AI agent, can we still say it's "intelligent?" :unsure: Ed
  8. elkcub

    Why is buying and collecting binoculars so addictive.

    I was once addicted to high-end roof binoculars that did not use field flatteners and had 18mm+ eye relief. Ed
  9. elkcub

    The Habicht 10x40 ...

    If memory serves then Habicht's do not have field flatteners but SE’s do. If that is currently the case then even without looking I‘d expect the two types to produce fundamentally different spatial perceptions. Personally, I’m allergic to flat fields. Ed
  10. elkcub

    Binoculars - recommendations, please

    I'd suggest that you consider the Pentax-Papilio II 6.5x21, which retails on Amazon for under $100 USD. Very good optics, light weight, and amazing focusing range. Ed
  11. elkcub


    Baaa, Baaa ... etc.
  12. elkcub


    Good to see you back, Lee. Best wishes, Ed
  13. elkcub

    Are transmission graphs relevant for you when selecting binoculars? How?

    Please provide the full set of viewgraphs as shown below for the presentation he made on Chromatic Aberration the year before in Whistler, BC. Thanks, Ed
  14. elkcub

    Are transmission graphs relevant for you when selecting binoculars? How?

    I'm familiar with Larry Thiobos' work. However, you still need to provide a journal article, book, or grant/contract report. Thanks, Ed
  15. elkcub

    How much variation is there in the production line.

    Yes, you did miss something. :giggle: I said: "Measurable objective correlates of perceived color differences." In other words, these quantities (three are needed for color) correspond to, or correlate with, what a typical person (aka, an "ideal observer") would see. If computed from the...
  16. elkcub

    How much variation is there in the production line.

    Returning to the OP's first post, he's basically referring to his own psychological perceptions. (Note: His earlier BF report, reminds us that MIG and MIP refer to Leica products made in Germany vs. Portugal. Good to know.) Note that his observations involve both (1) image forming and (2)...
  17. elkcub

    How much variation is there in the production line.

    Please! Don't make me laugh. 😵
  18. elkcub

    Collimation VS Parallax

    Congratulations on your unsuccessful efforts to hijack the thread! :sick: You misquoted and misinterpreted what Bill said on post #1, which was: Without dragged us through another boring and argumentative semantics interpretation, he was simply making an opening segway to the arcane general...
  19. elkcub

    Collimation VS Parallax

    ?? Clarify please. :rolleyes:
  20. elkcub

    Collimation VS Parallax

    One also wonders why the OP would be confronted with this question. :unsure: Ed
  21. elkcub

    Leica Ultravid 8x20 dissection (The beauty)

    Ultravid snob appeal is unparalleled, particularly on cruise ships. :D
  22. elkcub

    Are transmission graphs relevant for you when selecting binoculars? How?

    The According to THIS Wiki article, "The standard luminous efficiency function is normalized to a peak value of unity at 555 nm," and all texts that I'm familiar with say the same. Could you provide the journal article, or reference to it, for the Indiana U. research study?. Thanks, Ed...
  23. elkcub

    Swift Audubon 8.5x44 Model 804

    Patudo, I fully agree. I'm not a fan of the metal eyecups either, and like you prefer rubber — which were an innovation at the time. At this point they've become an achilles heel, however, since they are no longer manufactured and must be carefully preserved. I do that with a coating of...
  24. elkcub

    How do you feel about your NL 8x42 a year or two down the line?

    Henry, You do have a way with words. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: Ed