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    Beginner to birdwatching seeks advice on first spotting scope - Helios Fieldmaster any good?

    The fieldmaster might take the APM made bayonet eyepiece adapter (also fits Swarovski and thus open the door to using 1.25” ep (which all astro types know give much wider nice sharp fields of view than most supplied zooms). Not many scopes can be 1.25” adapted and info is quite sparse. With some...
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    Canon ISIII 12x36 First impressions: amateurs vs professionals

    The benefit for me is to get the detail for something handheld. Now you mention the CA I am going to have a look for it against other optics I have since acquired, see how they compare. Peter
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    What would you recommend?

    I would replace the spotter zoom with a few fixed focal length wider angle astro eyepieces for better views. The Baader morpheus are a well regarded model, though there are plenty of alternatives. Do check to see if people have confirmed that those models do indeed reach focus with the Regal...
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    Spotting scope for birdwatching/night sky

    I use an old William optics 66mm Apo with their erecting prism and wide field eyepieces, my lighter weight spotter. I think other companies now sell equivalent versions. Astro refractors are not made of the lightweight materials spotting scopes are, so can be heavy for tor their size (>4kg for...
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    Glass types in NL Pure-series

    You are only going to get very gross info from the X-ray, though X-ray “density” can give info on high atomic number recipe glass. You can bet they’ll be using the highest quality grades of whatever they are using, the design will use whatever dispersion material is needed. I wouldn’t try...
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    Svbony 406P/46P 80mm spotters anyone?

    I’ve bought a few cheap generic astro parts from Svbony before and just noted they also sell some 80mm ED spotters. Both come with a 20-60x zoom and seems to get reasonable reviews. The interesting part is the 406P advertises it can also take 1.25” astro eyepieces (don’t know about the 46P)...
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    Zeiss gavia, vortex razor or Kowa 773

    Can people post fields of view in degrees and also note the width of the apparent field of view and this tells you how “straw like” the view is when you look into it. I prefer expansive apparent fields as it makes finding things easier and is more immersive. I don’t have Swaro envy (apart from...
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    How much time do you spend looking *for* binoculars?

    “Featherlight”… the old joke! I have several pairs with that on… >kg built like a tank type things. They don’t (often) make them like that any more. Peter
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    country of origin info?

    Manufacturers do this at their peril, do it well and your brand stays strong, do it poorly and you will suffer. I go by repeated good reviews rather than the language the people making the things speak. Companies in any country are equally capable of making precision and rubbish on equal...
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    I cannot See China bins!

    I’d look at the various reviews of different options on the forums, these will highlight models that are repeatedly good and ones that are not. China is perfectly capable of making very good stuff… quite often the price determines the quality you end up with. My APM binoculars are extremely...
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    It’s May!—has anybody bought/tried out a NL Pure 32 yet?

    Interesting that the field of view of the 32 is a bit smaller than then 42…. Wonder how they compare and which feels better. Peter
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    Leica Monovid 8 X 20 vs. Swarovski NL Pure 8 X 32 For Bird Watching?

    Id steer clear of the larger and heavier higher power binoculars. For daytime birding you don’t need huge objectives and higher powers are harder to hold steady, the headrest may help somewhat. The 32mm NL Pure loses some of the field width….that’s no good! I see the field edges are “barely...
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    Can a binocular have too big of a FOV?

    13mm Naglers do show some distortion if you pan too fast. It’s hard to make use oft he edges beyond 75degrees or so, eye placement is key, sometimes the edge you see isn’t the real edge and moving your eyes about can reveal more, though not with both eyes as your pupils need to align to the...
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    New spotting scope with binoviewer

    Wonder what the maximum field stop eyepieces it can use.... low power 24mm. Certainly a lower cost option than a BTX. I use an APM70mm, very nice 2eyed views, just a bit heavy. peter
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    Can a binocular have too big of a FOV?

    About 75degree AFOV seems about a good place to aim for. Sometimes you think you can see the field stops, but it is actually because your eye is not in the right place. Certainly there is room for the Alpha boys to widen things a bit more. Peter
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    Night vision equipment for mortals

    There is lots of stuff going on after dark, even the cheaper NV can show a lot (though many have a deep red light on the front that some creatures might notice). the moon in thermal infrared.. found a page I’d seen before, very interesting...
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    Night vision equipment for mortals

    The colour scaling the pulsar uses means that pointing at the moon any slight temperature differences are swamped by the temperature difference between the moon and the cold clear sky (-40C or so), but like looking for birds in trees. A spot temperature mode would allow you to see more, but I...
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    New APM APO 85/95mm.

    I thought it was designed to be used on the APM angled binoculars, that seemed to be what was said? 75degrees is “enough” for binoculars and these and a pair of 24mm cover most use options. PEter
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    Nikon "E"?

    Simon spears gives a comparison with dates and differences. I originally got a late E model and was happy with it. I then got lucky and found a secondhand E2 that I replaced it with. Comparing them, the E2 was noticeably brighter, but I wouldn’t have been unhappy if I hadn’t found the E2. $80...
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    Manfrotto 200PL quick release plate with locking screw

    I’ve added aftermarket compatible plates to binocukars and scopes so I don’t need to fiddle the plates across. Some allow the pin to engage, others don’t. I’d add a wee bit more rubber and then tighten it down, it should grip both sides well and not undo. I sympathise with the glue, but I’d...
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    General advice - Spotting scopes

    until I “went binocular” in the spotting department I used an old 66mm astro APO refractor with 45degree erecting diagonal and an ultrawide astro eyepiece, though the Baader zoom gets good reviews. These seem to be available again, eg...
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    Negative FoV

    Maybe it allows you to see behind yourself or into another dimension? They could be onto the next new thing?! Peter
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    Cheapy little home-made binocular harness works great!

    Barrel-swivel?? Can someone post a picture. peter
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    General Gear Anxiety with particular Swarovski NL 12x42 thoughts

    If you have a big view and keep the bigger bins on a tripod then why not look at larger angled astro binoculars (eg APM 70mm 45degree) with ultrawide eyepieces (egBaader morpheus). A two eyed spotting scope view. Not lightweight, but backpackable if needed. peter
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    Does anybody know who makes a harness that will work on these?

    I use UFF for the long end and 13mm Type6 Naglers as my main eyepiece, only as I already had one. If/when my eyesight he goes wonky and I need glasses I will swap them for some Morpheus or the APM 12.5mm ultrawide that have better eyerelief. The Naglers have some distortion if you pan too...