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    Nikon Travelite EX 10x25 CF - why the third strap mounting point?

    Just bought these Travelites to try as pocket binoculars. Why do they have a third strap mounting point on the inner side of the left barrel?
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    Any A1000 users?

    When I search here, I see no mentions of the Nikon A1000. I'm just wondering what it would be like for bird photography. In pocket sized, long zoom cameras with viewfinders, there are very few choices. I think there's just this, the Panasonic TZ95 and the Sony DSC-HX99 (and some of their...
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    Canon Powershot Zoom monocular

    This was discussed recently in the Cameras and Photography forum: https://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?p=4076263 I thought people here might also be interested, given that it's marketed as a monocular, not a camera.
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    Intelligent ISO - does it work?

    Intelligent ISO is supposed to work like Auto ISO, but increases the ISO further if the subject is moving, so that the shutter speed can be increased. I tried it today, but shutter speeds seemed about the same as with Auto ISO. Has anyone found that it works? Perhaps the birds weren't moving...
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    Faster way to change custom modes? (TZ80)

    In Custom mode, my TZ80 lets me choose from three custom settings, C1 to C3. I assume a lot of other Panasonics are similar? I use C1 for stationary birds (tiny AF area) and C2 and C3 for settings I'm experimenting with for birds in flight. To switch modes, I have to press the Menu button, then...
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    Panasonic Image App gets time wrong on transferred videos

    I've been using Panasonic's "Image App" to transfer photos and videos from my TZ80 to my iPhone. It seems to get the dates and times right on the photos, but it's getting video times wrong, and I suspect it's something to do with time zones. Eg. I shot a video around 5:47pm on 12/9/17, but the...
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    TZ80 AF questions

    After thinking about it for getting on for a year, I found a TZ80 heavily discounted on the weekend, and bought it. Some questions about AF: - What's the smallest AF area I can set? I assumed I could make it as small as one of the squares I see in 49 point AF mode, but the smallest seems to be...
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    Species pronunciation

    Can anyone tell me if there's an online guide to pronunciation of scientific names for bat species? [Edit: apologies for the incorrect spelling in the thread subject.]
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    Can the TZ80 (FS60) auto zoom on power on?

    I had a quick look at a TZ80 (aka FS60) today. When I powered it on, the lens popped out, preumably to the shortest focal length. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to configure the camera so that it automatically zooms to the longest focal length as soon as you turn it on?
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    Batseeker frequency division bat detector

    Have any of you heard of or used a Batseeker 3? They're about AUD $60 with delivery on eBay, and claim to be frequency division with retained amplitude. I'm wondering how they compare to the Batbox Baton, which is twice the price here. Their website is...
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    Super-cheap detectors, continued

    Continuing this thread about heterodyne detectors designed as toys: http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=286374&highlight=Discovery+ultrasonic I bought what appears to be the same thing on eBay as a "Discovery Kids Ultrasonic Detector" for about $30 Australian. I haven't used it much, but...
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    Stringing question

    I've often heard of people just saying they saw a bird when they didn't, and I've occasionally heard of people getting tricky with photos. Recently I heard of someone creating fake witnesses, complete with dodgy photos taken by the witnesses. Is that taking stringing to a new level, or is that...
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    Some Zuiko 70-300mm lens questions

    After using my E520 with a manual focus Sigma APO 400/f5.6 since I bought it several years ago, I've bought a used 70-300mm lens and I've got a few questions. - How do you hold it? Assuming one shouldn't be supporting it by the zoom or focus rings, or the moving outer barrel, there's not much...
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    Monarch 7 8x30 eye relief

    I'm interested in the Monarch 7 8x30s, but I see that the eye relief is only 15.1mm compared to 19 on my current Monarch 3 8x42s and I'm concerned they won't work with my glasses. I can only have the eye cups up a couple of mm on these before I lose the edge of the field. Yet I haven't come...
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    Miniature voice recorder for making field notes

    I'd like to buy a voice recorder small enough to wear on a lanyard or taped to my binoculars for making field notes. This would only be for making notes, not for recording birds, and size is more important than sound quality. I need to be able to just press a button and speak. The likes of Sony...
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    Raptor id - Yorkshire (old mining strike video)

    I'm watching The Battle for Orgreave on YouTube. At 4:02 there's a brief view of what I assume is a raptor flying low beside a road. I don't know anything about UK raptors. Can someone please suggest what species it might be? The video is at: http://youtu.be/dn7DZSagDI4
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    Crows attack doves

    I'm surprised this hasn't already been mentioned here, but I can't see anything. . http://www.theage.com.au/world/angry-birds-attack-peace-doves-released-by-pope-francis-20140127-hv9xt.html Apart from the reason for the attacks, what interests me is the photo of a crow gripping a dove with its...
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    Canon EF to 4/3 adapter?

    I need a Canon EF lens to 4/3 adapter, but I only see one available on eBay, with expensive postage. I see plenty for M4/3. Last time I bought an adapter (Contax Yashica - 4/3), there seemed to be dozens to choose from. Why the change? No one is buying for 4/3 anymore? I have an unused M42 -...
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    Monarch 5?

    On the B&H website they list something called a Monarch 5 8x42: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/842499-REG/Nikon_7542_Monarch_5_8x42_Binocular.html I have what I believed to be called Monarch III's at the time, bought a couple of years ago. Was there a Monarch 4 or IV? What's the...
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    Not looking good for Olympus

    I wonder what the possibilities are now. Recovery? Closure? Mergers? And what would these mean for camera users? Who knows, perhaps the camera division is separate and isolated from all this. http://www.theage.com.au/business/olympus-admits-coverup-20111108-1n5h3.html "OLYMPUS has admitted...
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    Are cheap BLM-1 eBay batteries (E-520) ok?

    I still don't have a spare battery for my E-520. I can buy a genuine BLM-1 locally for AUD$100, or a 3rd party one for $50. I can buy a genuine BLM-1 from B&H for AUD $40 or a 3rd party one from B&H for $20, plus about $50 postage for either. Or I can get a 3rd party one off eBay for $10...
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    LS-11 and LS-7 temp marks and index marks

    I was hoping these recorders (which I don't own) would be able to divide mp3 files not recorded on the device, but apparently they can't. I wanted to cut out parts of some calls I've bought so I can compare bits of different tracks more easily. (I.e use it as a sophisticated mp3 player to learn...
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    Olympus LS-7

    The LS-7 appears to have come out well over a year ago, but I see very few postings here about it. Has anyone used one, or have any comments about it? The recording quality seems similar to other Olympus recorders that are often mentioned here, like the LS-10 and LS-11 (according to...
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    Some Zoom H1 questions

    I've been loaned one of these to play with for the weekend, and have a few questions. - What's the thread size on the tripod mount? I can't get a normal camera tripod screw very far into it. Possibly it's just tight, or cross threaded. - What settings would normally be used for recording...
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    www.birdforumbooks.com - what is it?

    There's a sticky thread in this forum about the website http://www.birdforumbooks.com. It says one can order books there (and support birdforum), yet there's nothing there except a perplexing set of "related searches", that take one nowhere useful if one is looking for books. What's it's...