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    id pls , South Africa

    I agree Tib78. Definately not a common Tern. The bill colour is to dark red and the bill is lacking a black tip. The bird is showing a very greyish underbody. Depending on time of year I would also go with Antarctic.....
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    id pls , South Africa

    Would be very interested to read about those findings and the DNA research Larry Sweetland! :t: Any chance of a link or page? Thanks
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    id pls , South Africa

    Guys just be very careful when Iding Buteo in and around Cape town. There is a very high possibility of inter breeding between Forest & Steppe buzzard's, explaining some of the odd morphs around there..... I wouldn't I.D Forest Buzzard in that area in general. Further up the coast maybe. Just my...
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    id pls , South Africa

    Also recon its Reed Cormorant if it is in fresh water.... Other pic is definately a Cape Teal. Also agree with Spoon bill; Cattle Egret Curlew Sandpiper and Swift Tern.
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    2 birds, South Africa

    I would say your best bet on the little LBJ is a Twany flanked prinia, usually always in groups of 2 -4 individuals. The Sunbird is hard to say from that angle. WCNP could be SDCS... but very tough call.
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    Raptor in Johannesburg Sout Africa

    Definately Imm African Harrier Hawk to me too....
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    Raptor Id at Kruger NP / South Africa

    Definately Brown Snake Eagle....
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    Northern Germany Bremer Harfen 2x Gull I.D?

    Good evening everyone. Another one that I Need confirmation on as this whole Gull complex has me a Little unsure about correct I.D's? Photo 1 for me is a Argentatus in my opinion. Herring Gull although it is hard to say how light Grey Argenteus should be? I believe that the pink legs and the...
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    Bar Tailed Godwit Büsum Northern Germany

    Stunning Image! Well done! My Little 300 is just to short.... :-) No unfortunately not as we were there on a monday and they were closed.... but the birding was excelent around there!
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    Possible Pipit I.D Büsum Northern Germany

    Good afternoon Everyone. Have another bird that is giving me a headache... :-) I believe this to be a Meadow pipit but totaly not sure here. The bird was flushed out of a rather water logged field in shortish grass. This was in the grass area of the local parking lot....It then flew up into...
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    Northern Germany Sandpiper I.D?

    Thanks for the confirmation Fugl & Phil. :t:
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    Bar Tailed Godwit Büsum Northern Germany

    Thanks for the Feedback KGS & Chris. @DanC.Licks thanks for the photo. Can definately see the difference to the Black Tailed Godwits clearly. Great.
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    Bar Tailed Godwit Büsum Northern Germany

    Good evening Everyone. I have another I.D which I am not 100% sure about. I believe it to be a Bar tailed Godwit in Transitional plumage but a Little uncertain. The redish tinge to the vent and the slight upcurved bill would rule out Black Tailed here but I would like some confirmation...
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    Northern Germany Sandpiper I.D?

    Good Afternoon everyone. found this guy about a week ago whilst doing some birding on the German Coast near Cuxhafen. I think it is a green Sandpiper..... Only a record shot unfortunately. :-(
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    Trip Info? Scandinavia Nov?

    Thanks for the info Enji. I was wondering about that. Wrong time of Year. I wonder if Spain would be a good bet for November? Or maybe Turkey? Anyone here who can recommend some good bird Guides for These Areas?
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    Trip Info? Scandinavia Nov?

    Good Evening Everyone. Need some info and pointers for a possible trip in Scandinavia. I'm still in 2 minds about this. Have a possible 6 days in Europe in November and not sure where the best spot would be to Bird, obviously to a certain Budget Limit. Would it make sense to bird in the...
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    Birding in Sachsen Chec border info needed?

    Good Evening Everyone. I am currently staying in Stuttgart Germany and next Weekend is a Long Weekend here. I was thinking of going to the Ural mountains in Sachsen, near Dresden and hiking/birding there for a few days. I seem to be struggling to get info on good routes to take in the...
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    More SA identifications

    Agreed with Brown Snake Eagle, but the swallow is not clear..... As Maelle Said: Wire Tailed, barn Greater or Lesser....Not sure.
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    South Africa identifications

    1. Agreed Gymongyne or African Harrier Hawk as it is called now. 2. I'd say White backed from what I can see regarding the neck Color and bare patches and also the fact that Cape vultures are very rare in Kruger. This is mainly due to the fact that the Cape Vultures are Cliff breeders and...
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    Warbler I.D Germany. Help Needed.

    Thank you for the I.D confirmation. Always uncertain with the LBJ's.... :t:
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    South Africa - Falcon ID

    I'd say the both birds look like Lanner Falcons. Does look a bit like Juv birds to me. Lets see what the others think.
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    Warbler I.D Germany. Help Needed.

    Good Afternoon Everyone. I'm struggling with this I.D of a warbler I saw today along the Necker river in Stuttgart; Germany. Bird was in the thickets along the rivers edge. Acting a little like a flycatcher, flying out and hawking insects over the water. I think its a Common Chiffchaf, but...
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    Your Most Recent "Life" Bird

    Got a Red Kite and a Fieldfare today in Southern Germany at a chilly -5. Not my type of birding weather but a lifer is a lifer! :t:
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    Juvenile? Duck South Africa

    Good evening Martin. Just be carefull it is probably an escapee and therefore doesn't count, and won't be in the SA bird books. There were photo's of a wood duck there in the last couple of weeks if I'm not mistaken.
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    Caspian Gull in Austria 15/03

    Thank you very much Gentlemen. I appreciate the confirmation. Will I.D it as such.