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    Garganey age and sex

    When I first saw this Garganey at Flamborough on 10 May (1st image) it seemed an obvious female given the time of year. In the second image the narrow white tips to the secondaries meant it should be a 2cy, and the grey forewing semmed OK for female, but perhaps in retrospect a little too pale...
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    Bittern in breeding condition?

    In the first attached image, photographed at Thornwick Pool, Flamborough, on 25 April 2021, the bird shows a swollen yellow band from above the eye to the bill, and the gape line is similarly slightly swollen. The bird in the second image, photographed at the same spot on 15 February shows no...
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    Wing for ID, Flamborough, England

    Can anyone ID this wing for me? Found today on the cliffs at Flamborough. Wing length is 307 mm. Thanks Brett
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    Ordering of species, genera, families & orders.

    How is the order of species within genera, genera within families etc. decided? I see for instance that the BOU, following IOC, has just re-ordered the Phalacrocorax on the Britidh list; it is now Cormorant first, then Shag, then Double-crested Cormorant. What is this supposed to tell us...
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    Muscovy Duck hybrid, Yorkshire, England

    The bird in the attached photos taken at Burton Agnes pond, East Yorkshire, apears to be a Muscovy Duck hybrid, but with what? Could it be with Wood Duck? A male Wood Duck was present in 2016-2018 at least, and was reported to have hybridised with a Mallard and produced young in one year. The...
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    Redstart at Flamborough, England

    The bird in the attached photos was present at Flamborough on 17th & 18th September. The extent of white fringing to the remiges conjured up thoughts of samamisicus, but a study of the British Birds paper (BB 109:84-97) indicates otherwise. The Flamborough bird is a male and has to be 1w...
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    Gulls for ID, Cornwall, England

    Would appreciate opinions on the gulls in the attached photos, taken at Porthgwarra, 5 September. Is the first image just a juv Lesser Black-backed Gull? The next 3 images show the same bird. Head and bill look OK for 1cy Yellow-legged Gull, but the tertials would have to be 2nd gen for that...
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    Jackdaw with withered? greater coverts, Bempton, England

    What is going on with this bird, photographed at Bempton RSPB today? Where the greater coverts should be there are just these wispy whitish feathers. Parasite damage? Seems too symetrical. Very interested in the explanation. Brett
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    Passerine for ID

    These photos of a bird in a garden in Lincolnshire were sent to me for ID; I assume it's a selectively bred cage bird, but can anyone say which species (hybrid?)? Brett
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    Grey Heron ageing, Flamborough, England

    Is this a juvenile or 1st summer Grey Heron? Photographed today, 2 April. I know this would be very early for a juvenile, but that was my impression. Brett
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    Mistle Thrush ageing.

    Can this Mistle Thrush, photographed today (29 January) at Flamborough, England, be aged? Although the two outer greater coverts are shorter than the rest, they look much too short for retained juvenile feathers, especially the outermost, and they also look fresher than the rest, instead of...
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    Brown Boobies in 2019

    In the January 2020 issue of Birdwatch magazine it mentions on page 7 that there were 4 Brown Boobies in southern England - the first in Kent and the other 3 in Cornwall. I know about the Kent bird, and the ones in St Ives bay and at Kynance (saw the last two) but where was the third one? It...
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    Strange Whooper Swan, Flamborough, England

    I'm puzzled by this Whooper Swan, photographed yesterday (17/12/19) at Flamborough Head, England. All white adult type plumage, but juvenile type bill. I don't think it can be the Whooper Swan equivalent of 'Polish' Mute Swan (condition 'brown'), as the legs and feet, and non-pink parts of...
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    Conifer for ID, England

    Can anyone ID this conifer for me please. Photographed at Flamborough, England, 4 November 2019. Thanks Brett
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    Lesser Black-backed Gull, age?, Flamborough, England

    The graellsii L B-b Gull in the attached photo was photographed today, but I'm not sure of the age. I would guess 2s (3cy) because of the immature type outer coverts, but could it be older? Brett
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    ID wanted for birds in flight, Co Durham, England

    These two birds were caught in flight incidentally while photographing other species. Suggestions welcomed. Brett
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    Wing for ID, Flamborough, England

    I thought this was a first summer Common Gull's wing until I saw the underside. It surely has to be Mediterranean Gull, a scarce species here, unless I am off on the wrong track. Other opinions welcome. Brett
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    Black-tailed Godwit, age, sex., race, England

    Hi Any comments on the age, sex or race of this bird? Looks like islandica on jizz, but little summer plumage, perhaps because it is 1st summer? On Thornwick Pool, Flamborough, from 22nd April. Rather poor images due to slightly misty conditions (that's my excuse anyway). Thanks for any...
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    Common Seal? - Flamborough Head, England

    Yesterday I identified the seal in the attached photos as a Common Seal, but now I'm wondering. The photos are from today, looking into the sun. I should have photographed it yesterday, when the light was better. Grey Seals are very common here, but this one had a more 'puppy dog' look to the...
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    Small bird, Flamborough, England

    A friend photographed this bird yesterday (7 August 2018) at Flamborough. I'm not sure what it is and would welcome suggestions. Brett
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    Field bindweed? Flamborough, England

    Is this Field Bindweed? All the flowers in this particular small area have the broken red circle circle around the centre, whereas Field Bindweed on the rest of the headland do not have this. Brett
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    Filter for Kowa TSN883

    Having recently purchased the Kowa TSN883 telescope I sent off for a 95mm clear filter, the only size mentioned on Kowa's web-site for this 'scope. On receiving it I was disappointed to see that it screwed into the end of the sun hood instead of into the end of the 'scope body as I had...
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    Dead mammals for ID, England

    I photographed this dead mammal, apparently a cub, at Flamborough today. I am puzzled as to what it is. Badger has been suggested, but it lacks the striped head pattern that even cubs show, and the colour doesn't seem right; and what about the ears, as shown in the first image? The tail is...
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    Mute Swan ageing.

    This Mute Swan, photographed at Scarborough Mere, England on 24 February appears to be either an advanced 1w or a retarded 2w. I would go for the latter, but could the buff/brown areas of the plumage be due to something other than immaturity. Informed comments welcome. Brett
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    2nd generation goose hybrid, Flamborough, England.

    The attached photos taken in fog today at Water Lane, Flamborough, show what I believe is a 2nd generation hybrid - a Greylag x (Greylag x Canada Goose) hybrid. If so then that obviously means that Greylag x Canada Goose hybrids can be fertile. My reasons for thinking this is a 2nd generation...