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    Moulting Large Gull Bahrain

    Uncertain of the identity for this one due to moult - can one of the dedicated Larusites (apologies to infected parties) please pass a comment or two http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/273286/limit/recent
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    peep show Bahrain

    this one has got me stumped - a white faced stint of some sort comments please http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/id_stub.php
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    Shore Crab

    I am trying to confirm the scientific name to this Ghost like crab - a common occupant along our muddy shores as Macropthalmus depressus
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    one to ponder from Bahrain

    Saw this fellow last weekend - so while people wait for the Tufted Puffin (what a find) to be re-found could they suggest an ID for this fellow. http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/id_stub.php
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    Pipit Bahrain

    I spotted this fellow today on a patch of greenery along side a road as I drove past - it turned my head thankfully the roads are so quiet during Ramadan nobody ran into my back side as I came to a sudden halt. Initially after I reversed up to it I thought I had a Meadow Pipit but the heavy...
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    Terns in Kuwait - Lesser and/or Greater Crested

    Can people cast and eye over these two Pictures from Mike Pope in Kuwait http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/media/blogs/kuwait/2009/LC_BT_3425.jpg and http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/media/blogs/kuwait/2009/LCT_3457.jpg Mike and I have already discussed the ID but would like to here other...
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    Lesser Crested Tern

    On the Opus entry I am curious about the status and range of the sub species mentioned - can't work out how the sub-species T. b. bengalensis which is listed to the west and east of us but supposedly not here in between where we are said to have T. b. torresii which has a more eastern range...
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    Bahrain Sand Plover - !!

    On our w/e of the 26th June was during my usual creep around the shores of Maharraq and came across several Lesser Sand Plover, with what appeared to be a collar. I managed then to get some poor quality images of one then - today I repeated the journey in a hope to see these birds again and...
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    White-cheeked Tern

    White-cheeked Tern Sterna repressa I understand some work is going on for this species and others closely linked - does anybody know how far it has got. *Taxonomic Notes:* The BirdLife Taxonomic Working Group is aware that phylogenetic analyses have been published which have proposed...
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    Orange Butterflys Bahrain

    Taken while out birding and hand held with a 500mm lens attached - no time to change any ideas anyone
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    Eastern Black-eared on Scilly ????

    I have serious doubt about the so called Eastern Black-eared on Scilly - melanoleuca - and question the identification of this particular bird - would be interested to know what others think -- see rare bird thread http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=143309
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    Lark - Bahrain

    Have been trying to turn this into something other than a Crested - any opinions anyone
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    Stint -a bit long in the leg

    Stint -a bit long in the leg Bahrain Would be interested in peoples opinions on the bird central to the pictures - the 3rd picture was cropped from picture 2
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    Yellow Wagtails Bahrain

    Two for the melting pot anybody up to having a go at the ssp Bahrain Bird Report http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/index.php
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    Southern Grey Shrike Lanius meridionalis pallidirostris

    It seems probable that we shall be removing Great Grey Shrike from the Bahrain list as not occurring and replacing it with Southern Grey Shrike with two sub species currently recorded (A POTENTIAL FURTHER SPLIT). We would like to here from any birders that Have observations of Great Grey...
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    Wrong ID

    Could someone just check the ID FOR THIS BIRD - its down as an Upchers Warbler but personally I think it a Lesser Whitethroat http://www.birdforum.net/gallery/showphoto.php/photo/239650/cat/500/ppuser/73042
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    Great Grey Shrike

    could people familiar with this species please pass a critical eye on this individual ringed in Bahrain http://www.hawar-islands.com/blog/gen_stub.php
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    A stranger in amongst a flock of sparrows

    I spent most of the afternoon staking out a small grass paddock on the edge of the desert in the south of Bahrain - in fact the paddock is the first patch of grass a bird would encounter in Bahrain when coming from the south. The target birds I was hoping to get some pictures of were two...
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    Bahrain Spider

    A fairly common resident of desert and scrub but I can't find an ID
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    White-cheeked or White-eared Bulbuls

    While browsing some of the Bulbul images I found what appears to be a huge mix up with one of our species nominally "The White-cheeked Bulbul" - Bahrain's National Bird - our local species has historically always been identified as Pycnonotus leucogenys yet if you visit this forum's opus entries...
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    and ... another from Bahrain for ID

    After yesterday's excitement of a new species we find we still have one more bird left to ID We don't know if this fellow is related in any way to any of AJ's recent posts would like suggestions please
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    Harriers Bahrain

    Yesterday was a good day for Harriers on passage we had three Pallid 2xf 1xm and up to three Marsh OR at least I think so - AJ the man with the big lens got some good shots of a Marsh Harrier in the afternoon (see Middle East Gallery) however in the morning I could only get distant shots of the...
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    Feather Bahrain

    This feather was found under our mist nets yesterday evening at Badaan Farm - we had been working the nets for around an hour previously and although the nets were in full view we didn't seen its owner - It had obviously been dropped while we were there - we think we know the species but would...
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    Little Black Job Bahrain

    Yet another escape to ID - sorry about the quality of the picture but they were not the easiest birds to approach. I only managed to get this single distant shot of the pair fortunately along with a sparrow which is good for size comparison
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    Two Butterflys for ID Nanjing China

    Can anybody ID these for me please