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  1. Gentoo

    Alaska Gull USA

    Black-Legged Kttiwake for me too
  2. Gentoo

    Great Black-Backed Gulls

    I've seen Western Gulls do that.
  3. Gentoo

    Nother Gull Seattle Washington USA

    Glaucous-Winged Gull
  4. Gentoo

    BLI recognised Loxia scotia no longer as species

    Why not? It may distract them from the Empidonax conundrum
  5. Gentoo

    Alaskan Gull

    It's a Glaucous-Winged Gull
  6. Gentoo

    Is this a hawk? kind?

    IMO this is a young RTH. You can kind of see the pale V on the back of this bird. It's been speculated that this could be a dark morph or rufus morph. Don't think it's a dark morph as they're almost black. I have pictures of one. The other things, can the iris vary? The dark morph pic I have...
  7. Gentoo

    Strange birdwatching location

    As said before, these can be good places to bird. We have a national cemetery in San Diego that attracts birders from all over. As said before, just be respectful.
  8. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Personally I like being kept on my toes with occasional non American birds. Especially if it's American and elsewhere.
  9. Gentoo


    Uncompressed as well, that's how I shoot. The fps difference is when you shoot 14 bit rather than 12 bit. It only slows down in 14 bit.
  10. Gentoo

    What kind of frog is this?

    I agree with Southern Leopard Frog
  11. Gentoo

    Unusual American Crow Behavior (Canada)

    American Crows do have some strange calls that only they make. Even the closely related Northwestern Crow does not make similar calls. The one I hear the most is a rattling call similar to the one you discribed; "tettle-ttttttTok" is the best I can phonetically represent it. Then there's the...
  12. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher
  13. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    That was my guess too but it's exclusively in California. The worlds only bird that is. Tricolored Blackbird?
  14. Gentoo

    Royal Tern or Elegant Tern? So. California

    I agree with Royals
  15. Gentoo


    I think they may have meant if you're shooting in 14 bit RAW your frame rate will slow down. The D300 does just fine at 12 bit RAW but in 14 bit, is slows down to 2.5fps.
  16. Gentoo

    Bird Photography Setup

    If you can find a D300. It's discontinued and not available in many areas. They stopped production of it when the D300s was released.
  17. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Is this birds range restricted to the southwest within North America or is this just part of it's range?
  18. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Let me correct myself;Pyrrhuloxia has been used as part of it's scientific name. It's not anymore and just a common name now. When I wrote sp? I was questioning the spelling of phainopepla. Sorry for the confusion.
  19. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    I only know of one phainopepla.
  20. Gentoo

    A bee eater and a plover at the San Diego Zoo

    Thanks everyone :t:
  21. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Pyrrhuloxia is both the common name and scientific name. It's related to the Cardinal. Obviously though, this isn't it lol
  22. Gentoo

    A bee eater and a plover at the San Diego Zoo

    I've had these pics for a while but don't know what they are. http://www.pbase.com/shonn/image/117427042 http://www.pbase.com/shonn/image/117427142
  23. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Phainopepla sp?
  24. Gentoo


    Great shots!
  25. Gentoo

    American Bird Quiz

    Tricolored Heron?