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  1. dries1

    Nobilem Super

    Not many have held one for a view - made in small numbers between 1980 - 85. Eight (8) degrees FOV and for the tame hearted, 1250 grams of prism glass and German steel (hoorah). I need to research, but the APOV appears larger than 60 degrees. This is 3 - D heaven.
  2. dries1

    8X30 SLC

    My my how expensive these have become. The price is exorbitant to say the least. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254990179287?hash=item3b5e995bd7:g:i6AAAOSw~w5gquqp
  3. dries1

    Golden Sentinel

    Just looking for one of these in 10X50 since Nikon never made a premium porro 10X50 (except the WX... which sorry, not going to spend that much for a 10X50) I recently picked these up from the bay for less than $100.00. It is out of collimation, however it is clear with clean glass externally...
  4. dries1

    SLC 8X42 vs 10X42

    How would one rate the comparison between these two in their respective formats? The SLC 8X42 seems to get much positive reviews, however where is the SLC 10X42 in relation to other premium 10X42s?
  5. dries1

    Review of Nikon 18X70 Astroluxe

    New review by Roger Vine. http://www.scopeviews.co.uk/Nikon18x70.htm
  6. dries1

    Fluid head

    Any thoughts/comments on the fluid head below, I have a Gitzo 2531 tripod, and looking to use a scope and some larger aperture binoculars for viewing...
  7. dries1

    Nikon SE 8X32

    A seller on Ebay is selling an 8X32 SE and one of the eyecups is cracked. The seller states that the eyecups are for sale at Nikon USA for $15.00. Is this new information? Since I thought one had to send the binoculars to Nikon to get evaluated and for any potential eye cup installation. Seller...
  8. dries1


    I am looking for a late model Meopta Meostar B1 in 7X42. Are there any good distributors/Dealers in Europe who will ship to the US?, since there are none available in the US? Thanks, Andy W.
  9. dries1

    Leica Catalogs

    I have been looking at some Leica Catalogs from the 1990s, and they took some great photos of wildlife, and of course the glass with all the specifications. Back then the BAs/BNs were the crème of the crop. The Catalogs were very well put together, impressive. Andy W.
  10. dries1

    A new Scope for the backyard

    https://www.swarovskioptik.com/us/en/outdoor/products/spotting-scopes/st-vista Andy W.
  11. dries1

    Spotting scope

    I am looking at two options for a spotting scope. One new from Europe and one used from Japan thorough the bay. I have purchased binoculars from both locations and not had any additional cost/fees. I live in the Northeast US, what sort of fees outside of state taxes am I looking at for a...
  12. dries1


    Just to let you know be careful on buying a Meopta glass on the bay advertised as new/open-box (unless it is from a registered dealer), I believe Meopta tracks where the glass is purchased, they ask for that info when registering the glass for future Warranty service. If you are not concerned...
  13. dries1

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Andy W.
  14. dries1

    NL 8X42

    Roger Vineyard has another review- the NL 8x42. Andy W.
  15. dries1

    SF Handling

    I have had some time in the field with my NL 8X42 and while with an acquaintance who owns the SF in both 8 and 10X42 I had a chance to use both in the field for extensive periods in the field. While I find the SF to be a large glass in hand,( I am used to the smaller EDG) it is very well...
  16. dries1


    The price levels for these FL models went higher than normal. 8X32/$1426 10X42/$1425 8X56/$1877 the whopper was the 7X42 at $2225 Andy W.
  17. dries1

    Monarch HG

    There has been some talk (from a few) about the Monarch HG 8X42 not providing a sharp view. May I suggest to try a late serial #, not one that has been sitting on a vendors shelf for a while. I have noticed the difference with a 2017 and a very recent model. Andy W.
  18. dries1

    Nikon DCF

    I could not help my self, bought on the bay for $70, if anything was wrong at least the parts would recover the $$. To my surprise when I received them, are mint through and through, the case smells like it just came out of production, the rubber eyecups are impeccable. The optics clear as a...
  19. dries1

    Objective coating Changes

    I thought I would post a couple of pics of some objective coating reflections on some modern glass. All are 8X42s EDG 3007XX EDG 3013XX Noctivid 21470XX Noctivid 21975XX The pics tell the observer that the coatings have likely been changed/upgraded (if one wants to call it that), with the...
  20. dries1


    Just thought I would through in a pic of some premium glass, with the NL in comparison in size. The Nikon HG/LX (I obtained from Infocus after a long search - the joke with them was the box had more use than the bino (which was mint/new), they were great people to deal with. I love the views...
  21. dries1


    Here is the latest review of the EDG 8X42 updated by Tobias, for those interested. Andy W. http://www.greatestbinoculars.com/allpages/reviews/nikon/nikonedg8x42/nikonedg8x42review.html
  22. dries1

    Alpine 8X42

    I have been looking over an 8X42 Alpine and for the $$ it could be the best in the $200-$300 category. The build is as good as some at twice the price and the field of view while not the largest in the class at 7.5 degrees is very good. The mechanical operation is also consistent and stable...
  23. dries1

    Slc 8x42

    I am looking for one, should I try to get a used one, pay the $1549 or wait to see if the price comes down. Suggestions? Andy W.
  24. dries1


    What is the general consensus on the Bushnell Elite models (archieved?), the ones that were sold here in the US. The ones in the UK look different with a bridge. Andy W.
  25. dries1


    I guess we got the message on the prospect of a sub-forum for Maven and Kite. Thank you Bird-forum.