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  1. kevin walsham

    spotted in the UK

    thinking this is a Swallow Female is this correct please thank you
  2. kevin walsham

    uk help needed

    spotted in the united kingdom this one on the football pitches with mixed gulls its the only one not unsure what it is so any help welcome thank you.
  3. kevin walsham

    Uk Help needed

    Spotted this morning while waiting for a bus can anyone say the type of bird please thank you
  4. kevin walsham

    UK bird id help

    just spotted two of this type of bird on the football pitches not sure what they are so help needed please thank you once again they were in the uk
  5. kevin walsham

    UK ID help

    Spotted this pair flying nr my house just want to see if they are mute swans I am unsure any help welcome thank you. I live in the UK.
  6. kevin walsham

    UK ID help

    Spotted on the sand dunes along the River Humber can not quit make my mind up so any help with id welcome thank you
  7. kevin walsham

    UK ID help

    is this a pied wagtail not 100% sure it was spotted in the uk on the football pitches yesterday so all help with id welcome its the v shape round the neck I am unsure about thank you
  8. kevin walsham

    U.K. Id Help please

    I spotted them yesterday in a local park in the U.K. but thought they might have been Mallards but as they go closer I realized they were to large so help needed plesae
  9. kevin walsham

    uk id help

    are these Barn swallows looking at the book I have I think they are but not sure any help on id welcome spotted in the uk yesterday over football pitches. thank you.
  10. kevin walsham

    uk id help

    spotted this morning not sure what it is any help please it was spotted in the uk
  11. kevin walsham

    id help please spotted in the UK

    just can not work out this bird any help welcome it was spotted in Grimsby England a few mins ago thank you. could be a Pheasant!!!!!!
  12. kevin walsham

    uk id on this gull

    can any one help with the id of this gull spotted in the river full of green Algae in the UK.
  13. kevin walsham

    Swift or Swallows uk help

    are these Swifts or Swallows spotted in the uk
  14. kevin walsham

    Unsure again u.k spotted

    is this a small Tortoiseshell the white bar things are not helping me so once again spotted in the u.k. this morning thanks for any help on id.
  15. kevin walsham

    any id help please

    spotted this morning in the u.k have only a small book but can not see it in there so any help welcome thank you.
  16. kevin walsham

    spotted in the uk Help with ID please

    I spotted this in the country side in the U.K. any help on ID please thank you.
  17. kevin walsham

    spotted in the uk

    Can any one help with the correct id of this spotted over the garden fence on the football pitches in grimsby England thank you.
  18. kevin walsham

    U.K. ID Help please

    spotted in the garden this afternoon in the uk any help welcome thank you
  19. kevin walsham

    spotted in the U.K.

    while cleaning the glass in the greenhouse spotted this moth I have been told it might be a light brown apple moth can any one help please.thanks
  20. kevin walsham

    uk bird help id please

    spotted on the Pywipe mud flats today along the River Humber in the UK I think it is a siskin can anyone give the correct id please (not the best of shots only got two before it went on its way.)
  21. kevin walsham

    spotted in the uk

    I think A song thrush spotted in the U.K. but it could easy be a mistle thrush any help on correct id welcome thank you. not the best image it was high up in the trees in Bradley Woods .
  22. kevin walsham

    spotted in the UK

    Have I named this correct I think its a Curlew it was spotted on the pywipe mudflats grimsby in the UK its the bill that's confusing me thank you.
  23. kevin walsham

    uk bird help id please

    I have had ago at naming this the nearest I get is a song thrush or fieldfare can any one help please thanks it was spotted in the uk high up a tree. thank you.
  24. kevin walsham

    spotted in the U.K.

    Can anyone help with ID I think they are Curlews but not 100% sure they were on the river Humber yesterday not the best image thank you
  25. kevin walsham

    uk help id please

    Hi its me again can anyone help with the correct ID of the goose I thought a cross breed but it could be anything so any help welcome thanks