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  1. osprey66

    gator land

    hi can any one help,i have been to gatorland but the zip line wasnt up and running on their web site it says its now running has this had an impact on the birds,is it still worth going i will be going to florida about the 15th april for two weeks. thanks geoff
  2. osprey66

    7 d problem

    I have a cannon 7d whilst on holiday the quick control dial got grit or sand behind .The dial is no longer working i have tried blasting air in it but didnt make any difference.Anybody any ideas or is it a visit to the repair center. many thanks
  3. osprey66

    honeymoon island

    Hi all found this one at honeymoon island florida april could this be a wilsons plover with the big black beak??
  4. osprey66

    fort de soto

    Hi all found this bird at fort de soto florida in april . my guess would be a female brown headed cowbird , am i right?
  5. osprey66

    hummingbirds april in florida

    Hi all Im going to florida on the 21st april ,and would love to photograph hummingbirds , would they be migrating through florida at this time ?.I will be going to fort de soto and merritt areas any other ideas ?. Would travel for a good chance to photograph them . many thanks
  6. osprey66

    dragonfly id florida

    Hi anyone know the id of this dragonfly from merritt island florida
  7. osprey66

    pipit seahouses ?

    Hi all anyone know the id of this pipit seen at seahouses this june ?
  8. osprey66

    hdew cameras

    Hi Has anyone had any dealings wih hdew camera shop london ,i came across them on the net whilst i was looking for a new lense they are very cheap,so would like feed back from anyone who has used them, before i part with my cash. many thanks
  9. osprey66

    lesser or greater yellowleg

    any help appreciated Is this a greater or lesser yellowleg i took the photo on merritt island florida in january . my thoughts are it is a greater because of the length of the bill .B (:
  10. osprey66

    foridean warbler ?

    warbler ? help needed please on this warbler from florida
  11. osprey66

    3 bird ids from venezuela

    Hi all 3 bird ids needed from venezuela around tucupita? sorry about the quality im afraid there the best i have of the birds many thanks
  12. osprey66

    possible red breasted nuthatch on merritt island

    i found this bird on merritt island (oak hammock trail)showed the picture to the rangers at the center but they were not bird experts and could not confirm it being a red breasted nuthatch .In there leaflet they dont get the bird so far south. Am i right in my id as it would be a first for me
  13. osprey66


    Im going to to kisseemee fort myers and florida city in december were would be the best place to see burrowing owl and barred owl will be going to corkscrew for barred again but last year no sigting help
  14. osprey66

    more ids from venezuela needed

    the 2nd one is a juv ,1st a bittern in a tree next to orinoco river? from mainland venez.3rd and 4th from isla margarita hotel grounds is the 3rd a black faced grassquit? you will be glad to know these are the last ones i dont know.
  15. osprey66

    id needed on birds from isla margarita, june

    help needed on id of the birds from margarita near venezuela they were taken in june this year( sorry for not the best photos)the 3 rd bird was seen on the orinocco river in venezuela
  16. osprey66

    venezuelan birds ids please

    3 more bird ids needed the first one was taken on isla margarita on scrub land the other two were taken in venezuela next to the orinocco delta
  17. osprey66

    2more venezuelan birds

    2 birds from mainland venezuela the orinoco delta area help needed on id
  18. osprey66

    venezuelan bird [email protected]

    help needed on this bird picture taken on the isle of margarita venezuela
  19. osprey66

    350d to a 40d

    Hi all i have a 350 d and thinking about splashing out on a 40d is the 40d much better than the 350 and would the money be well spent many thanksB (:
  20. osprey66

    birding in margarita

    Just booked a holiday in margarita going in may. could anyone help with info on birding sites or books to buy.any help would be grateful B (:
  21. osprey66

    red shoulder hawks

    Hi all help needed english birder birding in florida for first time . is this bird a red shoulder hawk many thanks