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  1. Hawaiian Hawk

    Hawaiian Hawk

    A beautiful I'o takes flight on Mana road
  2. Pacific Golden Plover

    Pacific Golden Plover

    A trio gather at a water puddle on the Refuge. I usually don't see them in even small groups. They must have been getting ready to go back to Alaska, because by the next weekend they were all gone.
  3. O'mao singing in the understroy

    O'mao singing in the understroy

    Often heard, but rarely seen, this common forest bird has one of the most noticeable songs on the Refuge.Look for it at mid-level among the short trees.
  4. 'Alawi


    After decades of having no known Hawaiian name, the Hawaiian Creeper has finally gotten one. Researchers have uncovered through cultural practices by Hawaiian bird catchers that this little bird is called 'Alawi, and is now registered in the year 2017. This photo was taken about 50 yards from...
  5. Hawaiian Nene Goose

    Hawaiian Nene Goose

    Perfect Balance
  6. Nene Close-up

    Nene Close-up

    Nene goose at the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge
  7. Hawai'i Creeper

    Hawai'i Creeper

    This insectivore was eating bugs about a lichen covered koa tree.
  8. Young 'I'iwi

    Young 'I'iwi

    A juvenile 'i'iwi sits in a mamane tree. I really like how the young birds blend with the trees that feed them. Then as they grow older, the red blends with the lehua flowers.
  9. 'I'iwi (Drepanis coccinea)

    'I'iwi (Drepanis coccinea)

    This is one of my favorite shot I have recently taken. The 'I'iwi is sitting on a Mamane Tree. The picture really captured the sheer beauty of this endangered honeycreeper.
  10. Young 'I'iwi

    Young 'I'iwi

    Another shot of an young 'I'iwi on a mamane tree
  11. Nene flapping it's wings

    Nene flapping it's wings

    Not your ordinary shot of this Hawaiian goose. I actually was surprised when it decided to flap it's wings.
  12. 'I'iwi singing in the forest.

    'I'iwi singing in the forest.

    This time of year 'I'iwi are seen throughout the Hawaiian rainforest defending their flower food sources.
  13. Young juvenile 'I'iwi

    Young juvenile 'I'iwi

    A young 'I'iwi sits in a mamane tree. As they get older their color changes to the scarlet of the adults.
  14. Nene Geese

    Nene Geese

    The five young birds will be soon leaving their parents to live on their own. We got to help Refuge biologists tag the young birds with ID bands.
  15. Wild Turkey

    Wild Turkey

    it's breeding season on the Refuge for turkeys. This bird is one of many that will never be hunted.
  16. 'Apapane


    An 'Apapane feeds of an 'Ohi'a Lehua plant at Hakalau.
  17. Cubbybear1963

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Hawaiian Short-eared Owl'

    It was like it was blessing us as we arrived for our service weekend. Just as we approached the Refuge, he flew in to pose on the log. Two days later we saw another one as we were leaving....It showed up to say "THANKS" for planting 529 new trees.
  18. Pacific Golden Plover

    Pacific Golden Plover

    A pair of Kolea enjoy their Hawaiian vacation at Hakalau.
  19. Hawai'i 'Amakihi

    Hawai'i 'Amakihi

    Hemignathus virens enjoying a meal in a Koa tree.
  20. Hawaiian Short-eared Owl

    Hawaiian Short-eared Owl

    The pueo is a subspecies of the short-eared owl that is endemic to Hawaii. The pueo is one of more famous of the various physical forms assumed by ʻaumākua in Hawaiian culture.
  21. Cubbybear1963

    Comment by 'Guest' in media ''I'iwi takies a drink'

    it was literally about 30 feet from me at the time.
  22. 'I'iwi takies a drink

    'I'iwi takies a drink

    Spring is in the air at The Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge. The 'Ohi'a trees are in full bloom, and that means the 'I'iwi have a lot of nectar to drink.
  23. 'Akohekohe


    The 'akohekohe (Palmeria dolei) or crested honeycreeper is a species of Hawaiian honeycreeper. It is endemic to the island of Maui in Hawaii. Its natural habitat is wet forests dominated by koa (Acacia koa) and ohia lehua (Metrosideros polymorpha) on the windward side of Haleakaia; at elevations...
  24. Hemignathus munroi

    Hemignathus munroi

    A rare sight while birding on Hawaii island's Pu'u O'o Trail. The Akiapola'au is like the Holy grail in Hawaiian birding. it has an estimated population of between 1500-2000 birds
  25. Hawaii Elepaio

    Hawaii Elepaio

    This little bird sure looks angry about having his picture taken.