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  1. Blue-winged Pitta

    Blue-winged Pitta

    Another shot which both birds together in the flame.
  2. Blue-winged Pitta

    Blue-winged Pitta

    Another pair shot in the orchard.
  3. Blue-winged Pitta

    Blue-winged Pitta

    A colorful Pitta which quite common to be seen in Thailand. But with many colors and too high lighting, make sometimes difficult to shoot with a good details.
  4. PrinPrince

    Hello from Turkey

    Hello there, I found alots of goodie here...welcome
  5. PrinPrince

    Hello from White Rock BC.

    Hello, I'm quite new to here too but always feel glad to share those about birds.
  6. PrinPrince

    hello from Israel

    Hi Tom, I've always been in high temperature when talking about birding, I got fever too, Welcome!
  7. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Milky Stork foraging in a lagoon after sunset'

    This is a seldom found bird here in Thailand, but wish that I have a chance to see one.
  8. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'puffin'

    Excellent capture for the bird which I'm sure that I won't have any chance to see here in my country!!!
  9. PrinPrince

    The best County for birding?

    I got an example, a small city like Pakchong in Korat, Thailand. It's quiet city for bird but since our colleague moved in, he turns the small city into exciting small city for birding now. So, go out around our place and discover those birds.
  10. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Gray Catbird'

    Showing habitat, Cool capture!
  11. Black-backed Kingfisher

    Black-backed Kingfisher

    This time he got spider for his chicks.
  12. Banded Kingfisher

    Banded Kingfisher

    A pair of parents keen to feed their chicks.
  13. Silver-breated Broadbill

    Silver-breated Broadbill

    Every years about this time around, broadbills could be found nesting and some are start to feed their chicks. I love to photograph bird with very low lighting to catch its details. If the bird exopose to too strong lighting, some of details may disappear, but if take in a too dark spot, the...
  14. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Red Legged Partridge'

    I just wonder this kind of partridge is so skitish, they never come out to easy expose like this in Thailand.
  15. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Snowy Egret'

    This kind of bird actions is my flavorite, since I have only short lens like 300mm. so I better view them in your gallery... thanks for sharing.
  16. PrinPrince

    Why Birds?

    I've lost in bird's color and their stances. It challenges me to photograph them with all details as much as I could. Birds make me keen to invent equipment which make me get closer to them. And birds bring me to travel to entire parts of my country. Without birds I shouldn't get that much time...
  17. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Chestnut-naped Forktail'

    The secret to take this family of forktail is patience and must use bird hide.
  18. Hill Blue Flycatcher

    Hill Blue Flycatcher

    Another collection of mine is Flycatcher, I just can get a few in my own album so far, need to keep finding them more.
  19. PrinPrince

    Common (Eurasian) Hoopoe

    It's never been easy to me to get this common bird in Thailand with a short lens like 300mm. But this time the bird is so kindly cooperative.
  20. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Blue Eared Kingfisher (Female)'

    Dying with details!
  21. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Silver-eared Mesia'

    No Mesia in my collection, I need it!
  22. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Copper Throated Sunbird (Male , Re-Captured )'

    Great Details. A seldom seen here in Thailand.
  23. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Silver-breasted Broadbill'

    Look at its details...
  24. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Black-and-Red Broadbill'

    With greenish contact lens, I like...
  25. PrinPrince

    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Chestnut-crested Yuhina'

    Wow, every compositions is so great.