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  1. mehdhalaouate

    Black bird from Baliem Valley, Papua

    Hi, This photo was taken from a long distance in August 2007 at an elevation of more than 2400 m. I estimate the size to 18-22 cm. No song was heard. I really can't fit in to any of my books. Appreciate any suggestions.
  2. mehdhalaouate

    Another bird from Buru

    I really need help with this Cuckoo shot. Picture taken in Buru island ( North-West). Thanks. Regards, Mehd.
  3. mehdhalaouate

    A sticky one from Buru island

    To me this bird looks like a female Snowy-browed Flycatcher ( Ficedula hyperythra alifura) but I'm not 100% sure. Any other suggestions? This photo was taken 08-2006 in Buru island, Maluku. Regards, Mehd.
  4. mehdhalaouate

    Auto focus

    Is it possible to get AF using an Eos 20d, a canon 100-400mm with a 1,4 extender? kind regards, Mehd.
  5. mehdhalaouate

    Whistler from the Arfak mountains, Papua

    I took this shot when I visited the Arfak mountains in Papua 2005, for me it looks like a Regent Whistler (Pachycephala schlegelii) but I am not 100% sure as in this photo the belly of the bird is yellowish and not orange. Can this be a Golden-backed Whistler (Pachycephala aurea)? Regards, Mehd.
  6. mehdhalaouate

    A bird out of RANGE

    This shot was taken in N-Sulawesi, this species is out of range ( male Eclectus parrot ), if you visit this region do not get surprised if you see this bird flying by. I have seen this bird twice in different periodes.
  7. mehdhalaouate

    Bird sounds from Papua region

    Hi everybody, Does anyone have information about where I can buy a CD or a DVD about the bird sound of the Papuan region. Regards, Mehd.
  8. mehdhalaouate

    IDing a subspecies of Papuan Flowerpecker

    I was looking at the pics I took in Numfor island last year and I came across this picture of a Papuan Flowerpecker, when I checked the books I have I coulldn't match this bird to the subspecies found on the island ( Dicaeum geelvinkianum) as this bird has a white throat patch and that's the...
  9. mehdhalaouate

    Sumba Flycatcher or?????

    Is this bird a Sumba flycatcher ( Ficedula harterti ) ? Regards, Mehd.
  10. mehdhalaouate

    This one is from Sumba

    Hi , Any suggestions? Not the best of pics I'm afraid but I hope with the discutions we'll end up somewhere. Regards, Mehd
  11. mehdhalaouate

    Bird from Sumba island

    I would like some help with IDing this bird: Picture taken in West Timor’s lowland forests. Regards, Mehd.
  12. mehdhalaouate

    Need help IDing this one

    I took these pics in Cibodas, West Java. To me this bird looks and behaved like a flycatcher but I couldn't find a match for it in my books. Help apreciated, Mehd.
  13. mehdhalaouate

    Need help to ID a bird from Numfor, Papua

    This time it is a bird that behaved like a flycatcher. I have never seen it before on my previous birdinbg trips to Numfor. I can't find it in any of my books about the Papua-region. Regards Mehd
  14. mehdhalaouate

    Another bird for IDing

    Another picture taken in West Java and not an easy one for me to ID. Regards Mehd
  15. mehdhalaouate

    What bird is this one, need help

    Photo taken in Cibodas, West Java. The bird was silent and feasting on insects. I checked in the books I have but I couldn't get a match with the pics in them. Thanks, Mehd.
  16. mehdhalaouate

    Javan Hawk-eagle or ?????

    Hi, I took this shot in West Java ( mount Gede-P.), this bird was huge, an eagle of some kind. I don't have many bird books here in Java as all of them are in Sweden thus I need help IDing this bird. Thanks, Mehd.
  17. mehdhalaouate

    Papuan or Blyth's hornbills in Numfor

    It's a bit late to Report this but I think I have to do it. During my recent trip to Numfor island in the Geelvink Bay, Papua I sighted some huge birds flying across the roads, I couldn't believe my eyes as the birds were nothing else but Papuan hornbills ( 2 birds). The first thing I did is to...
  18. mehdhalaouate

    What kind of lories or lorikeets ????

    This shot was taken in July 2002 near the airport of Sentani, Papua. I couldn't ID the birds because they flew very quickly but I managed to get this photo. The quality of the picture is not that good because as I mentioned earlier I was not ready with my camera when the birds flew over my head...
  19. mehdhalaouate

    Is this a shining flycatcher?

    This picture was taken in the mountains of West Papua in May 2004. We think it is a shining flycatcher, but not sure. Greatful for help in identifying it. Mehd