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  1. jasnjohn

    Cyornis unicolor (male & female) ????

    I caught a shot of this pair while birding in the highlands in Malaysia 2 weeks ago. Ignore my assumed identification of the bird in each photo, as it is still not concluded as to their ID (hence the post). Altitude, approx. 1,500m Location: Genting Highlands in Peninsular Malaysia (just...
  2. jasnjohn

    Sultan Tit

    Another one for the database
  3. jasnjohn

    Mountain Tailorbird

    I'm amazed this bird hasn't been added before now. Apologies my shot isn't up to much, but identifiable at least.
  4. jasnjohn

    Golden-throated Barbet

    Another bird for the database:
  5. jasnjohn

    Warblers & Woodpeckers

    Just posted 2 warblers, which should be found on my personal gallery: Yellow-bellied Warbler Mountain Leaf Warber I just managed to sneak this shot of a Bay Woodpecker, which was miles away, hence the poor quality, plus, he was in the clouds passing through the highlands. I don't want the shot...
  6. jasnjohn

    Sunbirds & Woodpeckers

    Just completed checking my birds against the database, and found a few more to add: Purple-naped Sunbird Laced Woodpecker (male), although I have a shot of the female too if you're interested? Buff-rumped Woodpecker (pic is a bit grainy, but identifiable) Cheers John PS; just updated the DB...
  7. jasnjohn

    Plain Sunbird

    At first, thought it was a female sunbird, but kept seeing this species in various places throughout the forest with no colourful 'other-half' in sight. Fairly confident it's the Plain Sunbird. Have other photos should you wish to see other angles (although not great quality :C )
  8. jasnjohn

    Golden Babbler

    Another new one (on a roll today!)
  9. jasnjohn

    3 x Bulbuls for the dbase

    Was just checking the Bulbul database, and noticed a few gaps that I have stocks of photos for: Ochraceous Bulbul Stripe-Throated Bulbul Finshs' Bulbul
  10. jasnjohn

    Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike

    No record of this in the database. Not a great shot, but identifiable as the aforementioned bird.
  11. jasnjohn

    Chestnut-bellied Malkoha

    The image in my gallery was originally thought to be Black-bellied Malkoha, but after much deliberation and comparing to other images, I think its the chestnut-bellied Malkoha. No images in DB so far. Regards John
  12. jasnjohn

    Sunbird, Olive-Backed (male eclipse)??, Malaysia, Kuala Selangor

    This little guy was about the size of a Golden-bellied Gerygone, so I would say about 9-10cm. His bill says "sunbird", and everything about it looks like an Olive-Backed Sunbird, but in Craig Robson's fieldguide, there's also a (Male ecplise). I don't actually know if there's a size difference...
  13. jasnjohn

    Malaysian bugs

    I have scoured the web for hours trying to ID just these 2 fellas. The beetle, looks extremely similar to Titanus giganteus from South America, only it was seen in the jungle (Taman Negara) in Peninsula Malaysia. That's my shoe (UK Size 10) as size reference. Any IDea? I've looked through...
  14. jasnjohn

    Plain Prinia?? Klang, West Coast Peninsula Malaysia, coastal grasslands

    Apologies for the not so good shots here. The missus and I have narrowed this fellow down to what we believe is a Plain Prinia. We were out and about yesterday, and heard a clicking noise. Looked up and around to see this little guy climbing up to the sky, then falling rapidly back to the...
  15. jasnjohn

    ID Help, Kuala Sepetang, Peninsular Malaysia

    I saw this guy perched on a fence post on a boardwalk through a mangrove forest. The wife and I narrowed it down to the following: Blue Throated Flycatcher Rufous Breasted Bush Robin Mangrove Blue Flycatcher Malaysian Blue Flycatcher, I reckon it's the Robin, but the wife says Blue-throated...
  16. jasnjohn

    Greetings from Malaysia!!

    Hi all! just a quick "hello" from Malaysia. I'm slowly building a portfolio of mediocre photos, and with more practice, learning and some more suitable equipment (coming soon), to start a portfolio of respectable quality bird photographs that I hope I can share here. Thanks!! John