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  1. birdboybowley

    Sign this for Turtle Doves

  2. birdboybowley

    Imm skua ID, Sussex

    This bird has caused a bit of a split opinion locally. Didn't see it personally (do have togger's permission to use pics tho ;)) but would love for the experts here to give their verdict and more inportantly, why. I just don't see skuas enough - let alone imms - so would look at this as a great...
  3. birdboybowley

    Save the Choco rainforest from mining companies!!

    Featured in the latest Birdwatch mag these forests need all the help they can get. Was there in February and it's an amazing - if bloody wet 😂 - place. If u can donate before Weds then your money is matched. Win win https://www.worldlandtrust.org/appeals/saving-ecuadors-choco-forest/
  4. birdboybowley

    Large stick insect, Playa de Oro, Ecuador

    Hey guys, Did pretty well on the spiders so was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this big bugger? In the forest this Feb Cheers, Ads
  5. birdboybowley

    Spiders, El Oro, Ecuador

    Saw these two around said area in February - the big and frankly terrifying one was above the door of the eating area - I assume a huntsman sp? U dunno how fast I ran in and out of that place :-O Second was in the forest itself... Any arachnid experts out there to put a name to them? Cheers, Ads
  6. birdboybowley

    Canaon 7dmkii in-built flash problem

    Had this problem for a while now.....and no shop can help. If I go to use the in-built flash I get a message on the back saying "...Menu not available. Flash is off or unsupported, or an accessory is attached..." Now, I did have a hot shoe cover in place for a few months until that fell off...
  7. birdboybowley

    Subalp Warbler, Algarve, Portugal - March 2020

    Found this looker (allowing for lack of face feathers of course!) at Lagao dos Salgados on 20th March. The underpart colouring is the only thing just niggling at my mind....don't have enough experience of Western Subalp vs Moltoni's and a (admittedly brief) net search didn't really clear it up...
  8. birdboybowley

    Maltese *****

    Shocker: https://www.birdguides.com/news/malta-approves-hunting-season-despite-coronavirus/
  9. birdboybowley

    California info

    Literally just booked a last minute trip to Cali for end of the month....and would like to pick any brains on here as would love to catch up on some species that I missed before, Am checking eBird rare birds daily for anything interesting but wondering if anyone on here has any sites for OWLS...
  10. birdboybowley

    Mouse from Cuba

    Just back from a Cuba trip and we saw this mouse at Cueva del Jabali on Cayo Coco. Obviously an introduced species but the big ears are throwing me and can't find a list of intro species for the island. Any ideas?
  11. birdboybowley

    First butterfly of 2019

    Surprised to see a Red Admiral on the wing in Chichester this past Monday, 14th January!
  12. birdboybowley

    Skink from Western Australia

    Going back thru some old pics and found this one that I've got down as Egernia sp.....maybe ;) Tried to look online and failed dismally so can anyone else narrow it down for me? Dryandra State Forest, Sept '04
  13. birdboybowley

    Vagrant Emperor, Sussex

    My brother Matthew sent me the attached photo today - taken at his workplace in Lancing! To quote: 'it was just chillin' on one of the containers'....! What a lucky git!!! :eek!:
  14. birdboybowley

    Mouse id, Thursley Common, UK

    Hey all, Saw this little guy today whilst on the common...not sure? Yellow-necked? Assume it's a young 'un? Cheers, Ads
  15. birdboybowley

    Bustard, Negelle, Ethiopia

    Taken on the Liben Plains last October, this was put down as a Black-bellied (which it probably is) but there's just a nagging doubt on it for me as certain aspects (hindneck colouration, obvious white chevrons on back, habitat) hint at Hartlaub's. Looking online pics seem to support both ids so...
  16. birdboybowley

    Nightjar, Awash NP, Ethiopia

    Hey all, Taken 9th October. Had this down as Plain but now having doubts......just wanna make sure Star-spotted is totally off the table as checking online only seems to muddy the picture! Cheers, Ads
  17. birdboybowley

    Tiny rodent, Ethiopia

    Bit of a long shot as no photo was obtained but I'll give it a go anyway: Seen after dark near the restaurant at Awash Falls Lodge. It was tiny, actually thought it was a gecko at first as I clocked the movement as it darted across the path. I didn't notice a particularly long tail, but pelage...
  18. birdboybowley

    Bat sp. in/off at Selsey Bill, W Sussex

    Hey all, This was taken yeserday morning by a friend down at Selsey. Appreciate not the best pics but distance/weather etc they were the best available. Described as bigger than a Pip....weather was damp also. Must admit my fist thought was Particoloured but open to more expert views as a...
  19. birdboybowley

    Malaria tablets for Ethiopia

    Hey all, Off for a 17-day trip next month and am getting conflicting info regarding malaria tablets. I'm assuming I will need them but just wanted to ask past visitors on here what they did. TIA Ads
  20. birdboybowley

    Southern Migrant Hawker, Pagham Harbour, West Sussex

    Well this was a bit of a surprise during a quick stop at the Ferry Pool late this afternoon!!! It was patrolling the edge of the first reedy pool on the lagoon side of the road, to the right of the rife and pumps, looking fairly settled and territorial. Apparently about the 3rd record for Sussex...
  21. birdboybowley

    'Back' Button issues

    Anyone else having problems with using the back button to return to previous pages? Sometimes it goes straight back but more often than not it doesn't do anything but stay on the page. It's getting really rather annoying now so not sure if it's me or there is an issue? Can't keep replacing...
  22. birdboybowley

    Magee Marsh, Ohio

    Hey all, Off to the warbler festival on Weds 10th May and wondering if anyone here has been (or going)? Any info on sites nearby greatly appreciated. Also we're flying into Chicago as it was much cheaper so any sites on our 4hr eastward journey to Magee would be nice too.... ;) Obviously going...
  23. birdboybowley

    Snake from Madagascar

    Hey all, Any ideas? Taken in Katsepy, western Madagascar in October 2012....unfortunately our driver ran over it...
  24. birdboybowley

    Lesser White...but which one? Dubai, Nov 2016

    Given the recent interest in the species, anyone want to hazard a guess as to which ssp (or sp maybe? ;)) this bird is? Taken at Al Qudra. Seems to be conflicting info on which types get into the UAE...
  25. birdboybowley

    Lizards, Picos de Europa

    Hey all, Took these up in the Picos in June. Common Wall? Iberian Wall? Hard to find anything concrete on the web....pics all seem to contradict one another.....