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  1. Mono

    Thoughts on MM2

    How good was the MM2? I have looked through the 3 and the 4 in 50mm but never a 2. There is one on eBay £135 with 2 eyepieces a zoom and a 25x. Good value or will I just regret not getting a newer model?
  2. Mono

    New Scottish Killer Whale catalogue

    Time to start scrolling through those photos... Here's the link if you don't do Facebook https://drive.google.com/file/d/17tlazLV6uQVG-rlboQm9-SfwEZBODlZy/view
  3. Mono

    Optics meets Audio!

    Amazing what turns up when your not looking https://www.amazon.co.uk/Parabolic-Microphone-Listening-Magnification-Monocular/dp/B00KXYFJI6/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2NQETOD5R0C4X&dchild=1&keywords=parabolic+microphone&qid=1619190805&sprefix=parab%2Caps%2C177&sr=8-3 "Perfect for birdwatchers" Monocular...
  4. Mono

    A very useful bird feeder!

    I spotted this on Twitter.
  5. Mono

    Fancy a cheap garden bird hide?

    On sale on eBay. At the moment it is only £1.20, but it is in Norfolk, weighs 3.5 tonnes and buyer collects! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Garden-Bird-Watching-Lookout-Hideaway-Hut-/274711837080?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  6. Mono

    Bitterns at Leighton Moss

    The latest news from Leighton Moss. 5 booming males reported.
  7. Mono

    Interesting mini-monocular on eBay

    Just spotted this Pamian 6 x 15 on eBay. Japanese origin, with a reticule. Anyone have any more information as my Google-fu seems to be drawing a blank...
  8. Mono

    Eyes for the Navy

    Nothing to do with birding but I wasn't aware that in both world wars the US Navy had an appeal for people to lend their binoculars for war service. In the first world war 51,217 instruments were received and 31,000 were accepted for naval use. They were returned at the end of the war with a...
  9. Mono

    American Bird Jigsaw!

    Bit of an unusual one. Had this American bird jigsaw for Christmas. It features the artwork of renown bird painter Charley Harper. We have done the jigsaw but now have to identify the birds! Got most of them but a few left to get.
  10. Mono

    Interesting Kickstarter?

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mybirdbuddy/bird-buddy-a-smart-bird-feeder Just seen this, massively supported, Kickstarter. A simple concept, camera on bird feeder but with auto id and linked to an app. Good for surveying what visits your feeder. A video doorbell for the birds. Wandering...
  11. Mono

    Scope camera?

    Tigger warning!!! The product discussed is very much aimed at the hunting market, the website contains hunting themed images and text. That said I came across a product from Tactacam that may have application for watching birds rather than shooting them. The company makes a variety of...
  12. Mono

    New Zeiss Thermal DTI 3/35

    Just noticed Zeiss is/has launched a new handheld thermal scope. They are obviously aiming it at the hunting market but would work perfectly well for those not wishing to shoot things. https://www.zeiss.co.uk/consumer-products/hunting/thermal-imaging/dti-335.html At £2650 it is a bit pricey...
  13. Mono

    Tripod mounting a Papillio

    A friend is seeking to mount their Papillo on a tripod for extended viewing. Whilst they do have an integral tripod mount there is not much room around it. Pentax do make an extender but is that strictly needed? Anyone have any experience of using the tripod mount with either a tripod or a...
  14. Mono


    I have always pronounced Nikon as Nick-On however I recently saw a YouTube video and throughout the presenter referred to Ni-Kon. This led me back to my rudimentary Japanese and is strictly phonetic pronunciation which would lead to Ni-Ko-N So what are you? Nick-On Ni-Kon Ni-Ko-N
  15. Mono

    The Miracles of Modern Technology

    This popped up as a an ad on my Facebook. Invented by John Hopkins University... The luminous flux reaches 30 times that of ordinary telescopes with the same diameter. The resolution angle is 47 times that of ordinary telescopes with the same diameter. The maximum magnification reached 300...
  16. Mono

    Blainville's Beaked Whale in Dorset

    Found dead stranded. Details here https://twitter.com/strandings_man/status/1278765817707061249?s=19
  17. Mono

    An interesting Kickstarter

    Just come across this https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/birdsy/birdsy-ai-records-and-ids-birds-and-wildlife-for-you?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=kickbooster&utm_content=link&utm_campaign=b8d3bbf7 Cuts out the boring bit of watching the birds and learning to identify them. You just point the...
  18. Mono

    Recommendations for UK Insect Book

    As per title, I am after an ID guide for UK Insects. I currently have "Insects of Britain and Western Europe" by Michael Chinery first edition. It is perfectly serviceable but lacks a lot of common names. It used to be the go to book back in the day but what else is there to recommend? Doesn't...
  19. Mono

    House Hold Birds?

    Just seen this advert the newspaper. I was particularly drawn by the list of house hold birds. Do you have a problem with ducks in your car port?
  20. Mono

    Bishkek in March

    A friend is going to working in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan for the whole of March this year. They are after any top tips and bird/ general wildlife sites to visit close the city and for recommendations for longer trips out. Plus recommendations for books. Thanks in advance.
  21. Mono

    Reliability of identifications: Some research

    I stumbled across this paper from back in Feb 2019. "Seeing rare birds where there are none: self-rated expertise predicts correct species identification, but also more false rarities" Nils Bouillard, Rachel L. White, Hazel A. Jackson, Gail E. Austen, Julia Schroeder...
  22. Mono

    Mallard Behaviour

    I was looking through one of my jumble sale book purchases, "Birds Shown to the Children", by MKC Scott, from the 1920s. It contained the following passage about the mallard. THE Mallard is a very shy bird, and you cannot easily get near enough to him to see his plumage of beautiful colours...
  23. Mono

    Killer whales snacking on eider chicks

    Filmed off Shetland last week. https://twitter.com/HughHarrop/status/1154034761007919104?s=19
  24. Mono

    Three days next week

    I will be down in North Norfolk for three days next week, staying in Cley. Aside from the reserves any particular current birding places of interest that one should visit. Thanks