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  1. FrankD

    Terrible Opticron 8x50...

    Tenex, I have to admit that I did a bit of a double take when I saw your post as I knew when you said "8x50" in the title then you had to be referring to the Discovery. The double take was because I have now found myself often using the 8x50 Discovery as my Opticron model for birding. I...
  2. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    Chris, These were just comments/experiences so far. I will write something more extensive up when I have time. To answer your question, it is certainly on par with the 60 mm version with the usual caveats when one is comparing a 60 mm with a 77 mm (higher magnification range and subsequent...
  3. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    One of my better phonescoped pics taken with the MM4 77 and Iphone X.
  4. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    Gavia Harpia MM4 77
  5. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    As promised, here are some pics from the three scopes mentioned previously. I used the magnification settings on the eyepieces of each scope so my apologies if the image magnifications are not exact. I also used the 28x wide angle eyepiece with the Opticron as that is what I typically use for...
  6. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    The video was shot with the 28x wide angle eyepiece Lee. Related to what I said previously, I did do a side by side comparison between the Harpia, Gavia and MM4 77. Will post the pics later today or tomorrow as time allows.
  7. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    I had a great deal more time to play with it yesterday at the Cape May Bird Observatory’s optics sale and did compare it side by side with the Zeiss Conquest, for example. I am hoping to do some phone oping pic comparisons today as well. Here is a link to a video I took with it on my YouTube...
  8. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    I did tinker with it a bit on Saturday but haven't formed any conclusions at this point....at least in terms of optics. I will say that it is notably shorter than my 82 mm scope and certainly feels lighter. Despite the lighter feel it still feels very solid considering its compact size. Will...
  9. FrankD

    MM4 77mm

    I received my demo unit yesterday and will give it a go this weekend. Pics and impressions to follow.
  10. FrankD

    HR3 zoom eyepiece (41145).

    Steve, I have tried the HR3 but only on the MM3 60 mm (non-ED) that Opticron just introduced this year. I have mounted the HDF on the same scope body and, to be honest, I saw very little difference optically between the two of them. I can try all three when time allows.
  11. FrankD

    Optics at the ABE

    I did have the opportunity to ask Zeiss about the SF 8x32. The word is Birdfair 2019. I didn't get a chance to check out the Meopta booth. Dennis, Certainly. ;)
  12. FrankD

    Optics at the ABE

    I will ask the Zeiss and Meoptas guys when I have a chance. Will check on the used models and, yes, a lot of folks buy here because of the show sales. Typically 10% off of MAP.
  13. FrankD

    Optics at the ABE

    Barry, Yes, no Tract and no Nikon. No surprise on the latter. There hasn’t been a company rep for several years since they restructured and Mike friedberg left. CMBO is the only dealer at the show. It was the same way last year. Not sure of the situation behind that but all sales go through...
  14. FrankD

    Optics at the ABE

    I was surprised not to see a thread here for the American Birding Expo since it is supposed to be the US equivalent of bird fair. :-) I am here for the 3 day event. Anybody want me to check anything in particular out? More optics companies than I remember seeing in past years....even Steiner...
  15. FrankD

    HR 80 GA ED with SDL V2 Zoom

    Gander, I have used both scopes and side by side at that. If you are looking for extra reach with higher magnification and better low light performance at the same magnifications (in direct comparison) then the HR 80 ED certainly fits the bill. The HR 80 is sharp right up to its maximum...
  16. FrankD

    Interview with Opticron's top Manager

    Pete is da bomb! ;-) I have only met him once, quite a few years ago but he was very friendly and helpful. Hope to run into him again some day. Troub, Great job on the interview.
  17. FrankD

    Sightron "Blue Sky" II 8x32

    Wow, it hasn't died yet. Thanks guys. My unit is still going strong after all this time and with regular use.
  18. FrankD

    DigiScope or Camera/Lens?

    Lee, Great question and I think Stephen illustrated the "focus" of each type of photography nicely. It depends on your intent. If you are just birding and happen to want to take a picture then digiscoping makes a great deal of sense. If your focus is strictly to take the highest quality...
  19. FrankD

    New scope from Zeiss...

  20. FrankD

    5x25 Visionking and Foton compared

    Definitely would like to hear more about the Visionking Binastro. It has been on my radar for some time and I have a bit of a soft spot for low mag/wide angle binoculars....especially at that price.
  21. FrankD

    Would you buy a Swarovski SLC 7x42 Neu?

    Good choice. Excellent edge to edge performance with a huge sweetspot. I remember mine fondly. ;)
  22. FrankD

    My first spotting scope delta titanium 65 ED II?

    Just to throw another into the mix, Opticron came out with a non-ED version of their popular MM3 60 mm series. It is roughly half the price of the ED version. I believe the typical selling price for the scope with the new HR3 eyepiece is in the $450 US range.
  23. FrankD

    Phonescoping S9 Plus

    Julian, I can offer some suggestions but nothing based on personal experience as I still use an Iphone 6S which does not have the dual camera feature. For one I know there is an app that specifically allows Iphone users to choose which camera they want to utilize but I can't remember the name...
  24. FrankD

    My first spotting scope delta titanium 65 ED II?

    I owned a similar scope to the Delta. It was sold under the Promaster brand if I am not mistaken. Very compact 65 mm scope and the ability to use 1.25 Astro eyepieces is a nice bonus. The supplied zoom isn’t too shabby either. ��...
  25. FrankD

    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    a) Feathered Edge Optics (CMBO) b) Very knowledgeable and friendly people