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  1. ed keeble

    Avocets. Essex, UK.

    Avocets can be tricky to track down as there are so many schemes and not all are active- so you are not guaranteed a reply from the ringer. I find this route on European Colour Ring Birding works for Avocet if you are minded to persist!
  2. ed keeble

    ATX eyepiece button stuck!

    Hello there I haven't had mine fixed yet as I use the scope pretty much every day and can't quite bring myself to get hold of a spare scope to cover the x weeks repair window. But I might bite the bullet in July and get it done. No trouble using it in its current state, but do have to check...
  3. ed keeble

    ATX 65/85 eyerelief

    Just to say that I struggled a bit with eye relief on ATX 95 but then realised that it depended which glasses I was wearing. On inspection it turned out that the frame had a rather bulky forward projecting curve that was touching the eyecup. So I moved to glasses with a flatter profiled frame...
  4. ed keeble

    Why to use alphanumeric flags on Red Knots that are becoming unreadable?

    Hi Mark We have similar issues with flagged islandica Red Knot over here, with some of the older birds losing all of the black from the engraved lettering on their yellow flags. Of course it is too late to do anything about the flags which are in service and some of these birds are 10 years...
  5. ed keeble

    ATX eyepiece button stuck!

    Thanks again- I have had a gentle prise at it with a not too vicious instrument, which frees it temporarily but it still catches its housing and sticks, so somewhere there is a bend or misalign that I should get fixed down the track.
  6. ed keeble

    ATX eyepiece button stuck!

  7. ed keeble

    ATX eyepiece button stuck!

    Thanks for input- prompted by mayoayo I had a look into the other end of the thing- here's a couple of pics. The three lugs on the lens slot into the matching three holes in the base of the eyepiece. When you press down the black button (not pictured) on the eyepiece, the little metal tongue...
  8. ed keeble

    ATX eyepiece button stuck!

    Just to mention that I've got the same problem on my ATX, so if anyone sees this and knows of a practical fix I would love to hear. I am behind the scope pretty much every day, so don't plan on sending it for repair until I am dragged off a non-birding holiday perhaps next spring and have a...
  9. ed keeble

    Sea of Japan April Owl?

    aha- makes more sense!
  10. ed keeble

    Sea of Japan April Owl?

    Interesting- it looks rather like an Eagle Owl to me, which is not rare in South Korea but very rare in Japan. It looks much too chunky and plainly marked under the wings to be Long-eared or Short-eared. The extent to which EO can and does fly over open water has been the subject of some...
  11. ed keeble

    Sea of Japan April Owl?

    Did you get a sense of how big it was? It looks like one of the larger species to my eye.
  12. ed keeble

    2017 Western Palearctic Big Year

    there's a cheery "we're on Svalbard" post from them on Facebook today
  13. ed keeble

    BTX Binoviewer for ATX scopes

    Just posting to endorse comments above on the extender. I have found it much lighter in weight than expected and it has done the job for me on a distant c-ringed Brent last week- I don't think the ring would have been readable without it. Also as commented above, I find I struggle with...
  14. ed keeble

    Dunlin again - what do centralis really look like?

    Great thread! in case of interest here's one from the Stour last week (17th May) that I paid a bit of attention to as it had limited black and some broad off-white tips to scaps. But looking at your other criteria, black belly stops at the legs and doesn't extending onto the very sparsely...
  15. ed keeble

    Pied Avocet - RSPB Saltholme - which colour ring scheme?

    Hi Ian We get a few of those H Haven birds locally and I think blue lower on the left tibia is scheme identifier- so your's doesn't look to be one of them. The mystery rings look like they might be grey, which is used a bit on other species so maybe was used on this one?
  16. ed keeble

    C-ring scheme for a green-flagged Dunlin?

    Can happen- but the metal ring is visible Ok on this one below the right tarsus yellow. So the question is who might have been using metal ring plus 5 c-rings plus flag- might be a small unregistered scheme I guess, so I may just have to write it off as one that got away.
  17. ed keeble

    C-ring scheme for a green-flagged Dunlin?

    A bit of a long shot, but just in case anyone happens to recognise the scheme that this bird comes from. It was on the Stour in Suffolk last month. I've tried the Dunlin projects on the crbirding and IWSG database (relevant lines attached), but none use c-rings on both tarsus and tibia on...
  18. ed keeble


    ditto- that's a very impressive beast!
  19. ed keeble

    JTMB's Bird Art

    Hello there- I do like these journal-style sets of images!
  20. ed keeble

    Suffolk Birding

    The other end is better for the grebes currently- park at the yacht club by the dam.
  21. ed keeble

    Essex Birding

    New Year's greetings all! The drake Smew was still at Manningtree today, feeding busily mid-channel on falling tide but rather elusive- I'm thinking it probably has a lake or pond somewhere nearby where it chills out when not on the river.
  22. ed keeble

    Mergansers flighting out to roost at sea

    Does anyone have any current experience of Red-breasted Mergansers (and maybe other things like R-t Divers, Long-tailed Duck) flighting out of estuaries at dusk to roost at sea, returning at dawn? That's what they used to do here (Suffolk/Essex) but it seems they may have stopped bothering...
  23. ed keeble

    Essex Birding

    You weren't wrong there! I nipped down for a bit of Knot flagging on the turning tide after lunch to find the Northerly was so strong that the tide had stayed in and the waders were flying around wondering where the mud had gone.
  24. ed keeble

    Gavia immer, Croatia

    Wow- great find for your location!
  25. ed keeble

    Winter Journal

    Nice Greenshank and congratulations on having the resolve!