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  1. Mono

    Hosting a Blooket on North American birds!

    I have no clue what a Blooket is! A bit of web search leads me to believe it is some sort of quiz platform, it would good to have explained that before asking people to click on something. Also if you want to run a quiz, we have a whole quiz forum Bird Forum Fun Quizzes you might get more...
  2. Mono

    Alternative to Paramo Velez Smock

    Buffalo kit is not waterproof. It will slow down the ingress of water like an old fashioned tweed jacket will. If you are walking and exerting yourself the evaporation from your body can balance the incoming rain, but if you are sat still or it is chucking it down then the water will get in and...
  3. Mono

    Storm Proofing for Paramo Analogy clothing?

    Not used the the Storm products but my experience of Analogy clothing is that it is very fussy and needs to be treated right to get the best performance.
  4. Mono

    Seeing many birds with patches missing on their chest & bellies. Disease? Mites? Maybe this is normal? (MO, USA)

    They are called brood patches. They occur when the bird is sitting on eggs. The feathers get worn away by the eggs. Nothing to worry about.
  5. Mono

    New to Bird/Wildlife Audio Recording :) - Gain/Trim & Fader and other basic settings to get started?

    The Zoom F6 you have is a multi-input recorder where the gain and faders are used for different things. A normal workflow when dealing with multiple inputs would be to monitor each input separately with the the fader at 0dB and then adjust the gain so that at maximum source volume you are not...
  6. Mono

    Should I help a Robin sitting in the pouring rain?

    Just leave it alone
  7. Mono

    firefox update

    Give it a week or two
  8. Mono

    Walrus in Ireland

    Can we stick to the walrus please
  9. Mono

    Walrus in Ireland

    Seems to be trying to teach itself to drive a boat!
  10. Mono


    There does seem to be a problem with their word choices. ship.wreck.shipwreck is in northern Norway. shipwreck.ship.wreck is in Alaska
  11. Mono

    Texas Spring Migration, April 2021

    Sounds great. I have been to High Island and Sabine Woods and the environs but not down south. That might be for my next Texas trip, whenever that might be.
  12. Mono

    Walrus in Ireland

    Seems to like a slipway
  13. Mono

    No announcement about Springwatch 2021 as of yet!

    I think there is a difference of meaning between what conservations mean by rewilding and what farmers mean by rewilding.
  14. Mono


    Can't speak for the north of the county but there are regular kingfishers in the middle of Kendal. If you do Facebook then you could try the Cumbria Birding Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cumbriabirding/
  15. Mono

    Walrus in Ireland

    The walrus news seems to have dried up? There doesn't seem to have been any more Cornwall sightings since the initial boat sighting. It has not been back to Tenby, much to the disappointment of someone who has just taken delivery of 1000 tee-shirts!
  16. Mono

    l found a bird ring in Gunthorpe Nottinghamshire and wondered if you could help identify it . It is pink

    Did it have a bird attached to it! The format of the numbering would imply it is from a racing pigeon
  17. Mono

    Request Help with Marsh tit age Leighton Moss July 2019

    If it is at Leighton Moss it is a Marsh Tit.
  18. Mono

    new swarovski EL32

    They look pre-aged
  19. Mono

    Blue tit clutch dead in bird box 😢

    It could have been all manner of reasons. The most likely are disease and cold. Blue tits will nest in all manner of busy places and don't seem unduly bothered by humans. It has been rather cold this spring and the whilst feeding chicks the adults are often conflicted between finding food and...
  20. Mono

    Leica Pocket like all purpose bino?

    My 8x20 Trinovids are by far my most used binocular. I will stick them in my pocket on most trips out even if I am just going to the shops. Are they an all round binocular, certainly not. The eye placement can be tricky and being only 20mm they need fairly bright conditions. But they are...
  21. Mono

    Pro’s and con’s for this item

    If you just want to take photographs then a superzoom or bridge camera is the best way forward. There are many on the market but they are all more than the €50 of the monocular you posted. If you make a post in the camera forum with some idea of what you want to do and your budget then other...
  22. Mono

    I cannot See China bins!

    Apart from one which has a large "Made in Japan" badge I have no idea where my various optics are made. Country of origin has never played any role in optics purchases.
  23. Mono

    Pro’s and con’s for this item

    They are all over Amazon and eBay etc from multiple sellers and multiple "brands". Avoid like the plague!
  24. Mono

    Question about Windows 10

    Don't really know what you mean by "Windows Subscription"? Windows 10 is the operating system it comes either comes preinstalled on a new computer or you will have upgraded another Windows machine. In the domestic situation it is paid for in one sum up front (usually bundled in with the...