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  1. Pinewood

    BBC Radio

    Hello, I use a Mac computer to listen to Radio 3. For me Essential Classics, my current listening, is an early morning show. Whether I listen directly from the web site or through "Music," formerly iTunes, I do not get a consistent stream which occasionally goes dead. Is Apple playing me...
  2. Pinewood

    What do you do about viruses?

    Hello all, After many years, I decided to change my ISP. I had been using a very minor provider for internet but I did not use their 'phone service as landline 'phones are far more reliable. Indeed, at one time, with a different provider, both cable television and internet died on a weekend...
  3. Pinewood

    In praise of the 32mm FL binoculars

    Hello, About fourteen years ago, I bought the 10x32mm FL. Less than a year later, I bought the 8x32mm FL. Both purchases were demos from cameralandny.com, when the shop was located on Lexington Avenue in New York City. Both models have good field of view: Zeiss list the 8x as having a 64ยบ...
  4. Pinewood

    Maven C.2 7x28

    Hello, Does anyone have any experience with this binocular. From the specs, it looks rather compact but it does not have a generous field of view. Is it a clone of any existing binoculars from another maker? I happen to like my Meopro 6.5x32, so I doubt that this glass would truly tickle my...
  5. Pinewood

    8x32 FL discontinued?

    Hello, I just visited the Zeiss USA website and the 8x32 FL was missing. Although there were 8x32 Terras and Conquests, the FL appears to be discontinued, at least in the USA. Is an 8x32 SF in the offing? I have been the happy owner of an 8x32 FL for more than a decade. Some complained...
  6. Pinewood

    Zeiss Service, OK

    Hello, I noticed that my Zeiss 8x30 Dialyt ClassiC lost its centre focussing, after I left for my bird watching walk. I think that the binocular received a knock disabling it. In any case, it took less than three weeks from sending it to Zeiss, after making an online service request, to...
  7. Pinewood

    Scamming Mac Users

    Hello, Countless times I have received 'phone calls purporting to be from Microsoft about issues with my PC. Usually, the speaker has a very noticeable South Asian accent. As I do not have a PC, I assume that it is a "phishing" call. Today, I received a call, on my mobile 'phone, from...
  8. Pinewood

    July in Connecticut, USA

    Hello, A neighbor was in Connecticut and saw a "gray bird, the size of an American robin, with white patches on the trailing wing edge." He did look at a bird guide but found nothing helpful. I will forward him this web page for his consideration. Happy bird watching, Arthur Pinewood :hi:
  9. Pinewood

    something new

    Hello, These are IF and not optimized for bird watching but quite interesting: a new Nikon binocular The heart of this binocular may be the eyepieces yielding an impressive field of view. Apparently that FOV was best accommodated by Abbe-Koenig prisms. It may prove to be a no fault design...
  10. Pinewood

    Opticron 8x32 SR.GA Binocular

    Hello, Opticron is a newcomer to the States [the former colonies, if you prefer] with limited sales outlets. In fact, New York City's largest optics retailer only has the Opticron 8x32 SR.GA binocular for online sale. The specs strike me as remarkably similar to the Nikon EII. It seems to...
  11. Pinewood

    Binoculars for eyeglass wearers, over the decades

    I have been thinking about how binocular manufacturers have addressed the problems eyeglass wearers have using binoculars. I have taken some fairly typical binoculars of the last 97 years as examples of this problem If everyone had perfect eyesight, there would be no need for a dioptre setting...
  12. Pinewood

    Central Park, NY City

    Hello, On Thursday, yesterday, in the morning I saw a puzzling bird, in Strawberry Fields. It was about the size of an American robin, with two or three wing bards. The abdomen was greenish yellow but the head was very reminiscent of a fly catcher. It flew from the ground, to a tree, then to...
  13. Pinewood

    Yellow Roman Bird

    Hello, I got these from a friend who is vacationing in the Eternal City. He wrote of this yellow Roman bird: Looked like doves in flight. Too large for parakeets. Maybe parrot but parrots usually are in flocks this was a solo. I am clueless because it is from another continent. Happy bird...
  14. Pinewood

    Passerine in Central Park, New York City

    Hello, I spotted a bird, today, which could not identify. It was had 2 bars on a brown and black wing, black eyes, light brown chest with light streaking, and a black tail. I would size it, as somewhat smaller than a red winged blackbird. Can anyone help me on this bird? Happy bird...
  15. Pinewood

    Encouraging young bird watchers

    Hello all, Today, I was at the feeders in Central Park, when a ten-year old boy and his grandmother came along. He was carrying a a Gallilean binocular, a Christmas gift, and came from Washington, D.C. I purposely took time to point out all the birds, there. Apparently, he saw a lot of...
  16. Pinewood

    Meopta 6.5x32 MeoPro

    Hello all, I bought a Meopta 6.5x32 MeoPro, last May, for $240, which makes it a low cost binocular. In part, i was interested because I used to use a Meopta enlarger, in the days of analogue chemical photography, as well as their enlarging lenses, I also have a Czech, probably a Meopta...
  17. Pinewood

    A new drive and and an external drive

    Hello all, I have a MacBook which is more than six years old. I bought it as a refurbished unit, more than five years ago. Last September, I thought that its age had made it unreliable, so I bought a MacBook Air. Sure enough, in May, the MacBook would not start, and the recommendation from...
  18. Pinewood

    Zeiss USA Customer Service, the saga begins

    Hello all, I have noticed a tendency on the BF binocular forums for people to obsess over small things. Today, I am going to obsess over my Zeiss 8x32 FL. On Friday, I idly tried to twist up the left eye cup, only to find it frozen in the down position. In fact, that is where I usually keep...
  19. Pinewood

    The Birds of New York

    Hello, I have recently purchased a copy of the two volume set Birds of New York by Elon Howard Eaton. Albany, New York State Museum, 1910, 1914. The work is a complete reference work on the birds of this state, with lengthy descriptions of birds, maps, charts and some photographs. The most...
  20. Pinewood

    U.S. Postal stationery

    Hello, I purchased a box of 500 postal stationery #10 envelopes, on which is printed a purple martin: See: U.S. Post Office I know that snail mail is on the way out, but I still get to use them. In any case, you don't have to order 500, if you want a handsome bird on your correspondence...
  21. Pinewood

    Thrush [?], New York

    Hello, This afternoon, I spotted a thrush like bird, on the ground, outside my window. The prominent features which I noted were on the top of the head: two dark stripes, separated by a light brown or cinnamon stripe. The breast was light coloured with spots. There may have been a white...
  22. Pinewood

    From my Manhattan Window

    Hello, My previous thread, "A rank beginner in New York," has been closed because of lack of posts. I am alive and well but circumstances have prevented me from visiting Central Park and other local spots. However, I am still bird watching, from my flat's window. I live fewer than 200...
  23. Pinewood

    Computer Scam in the UK, coming from India

    Hello, I read this, today: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/jul/18/phone-scam-india-call-centres It seems to me that modernity has multiplied the opportunities to be cheated. Happy bird watching, Arthur
  24. Pinewood

    Lbj Nyc

    Hello all, At about 7 AM, I was passing schoolyard, in New York City, when a bird, which looked like a sparrow, landed, momentarily on a fence. It did not have anything distinctive about the head, but it seemed to have a tail longer than that of a house sparrow, and the the tail had white...
  25. Pinewood

    Life expectancy of dielectric mirrors

    Hello, I have noted cases where older roof prism binoculars have had trouble with tarnished silver mirrors. Apparently, this may take decades. Do some makers do a better job of applying the silver, so that it might last a long time? As the dielectric mirrors are made by some form of vapour...