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  1. robinm

    Dragonfly ID, UK

    Saw this at Pulborough Brooks Sussex last week. The spot on the wing is confusing me.
  2. robinm

    Focus Magic v4

    I thought I'd have a look at this as it was mentioned on my recent holiday. However, when I try to download it McAfee gives me a red alert warning. Has anyone else tried this download and did you have problems? Ta
  3. robinm

    Death of Gordon Allison

    Yesterday morning Gordon Allison, the warden of Elmley RSPB, was found dead in his bed. The news has been kept quiet because his parents could not be contacted. This has now happened. Those of you who have visited the North Kent Marshes (Elmley of Northward Hill) and have met Gordon will be...
  4. robinm

    Spot the errors quiz - UK

    I took my grandchildren to Port Lympne Wildlife Park the other day (they loved it). I was reading the glossy brochure when I got home and got to the page about native wildlife on the site (it is a huge place). However, the person who selected the photos wasn't too careful. So "Spot the...
  5. robinm

    New Brunswick, Canada

    Not sure about the ID of this one in Kouchibouguac. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  6. robinm

    Canada & USA May/June 2010

    Arrived in Canada on Tuesday and will be travelling around over the next 5 weeks. I will try to update this report as I go along in places where I have internet access. Days 1 & 2 Long Point Area We started at Long Point Marsh. Unfortunately the trail was closed because of breeding birds...
  7. robinm

    RFI - Canada May/June 2010

    My wife and I are off to Canada in May/June next year for 4 weeks. The primary purpose is to visit her two sisters - one lives near Long Point on Lake Erie, Ontario and the other lives near Halifax Nova Scotia - but that we will also do birding. The idea is that we will fly to Ontario and...
  8. robinm

    RIP Bob Scott

    Just heard that Bob Scott has died. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family.
  9. robinm

    Travel tripod

    Has anyone got any experience of really lightweight tripods such as, for example, the Cullman Maximo . Can you give me any recommendations. I am looking to buy one for specific circumstances where size and weight are critical. Thanks in advance.
  10. robinm

    Ontario Canada

    I am off for a family visit to Canada (Simcoe Ontario) in a couple of weeks and we will be doing some birding. We already intend to visit Point Pelee but wondered if there are any other "must visit" sites. Thanks.
  11. robinm

    Bhutan March/April 2008

    A photo diary of my recent trip to Bhutan will appear here - http://blog.mace-wildlife.co.uk . As well as bird photographs it will include other points of interest. I have created the first few days entries. I'll post some of my bird photos in the Gallery in due course. I'll be pleased to...
  12. robinm

    Power Pack for CP4500

    I am interested in getting any information from someone who has used the EDC001K power pack with the CP 4500. I am off on a long trip next spring and will be unable to charge batteries every day and I am wondering if this is the solution. I have already had some very useful information from...
  13. robinm

    Otters on Somerset Levels

    Down to Somerset for a long weekend to visit ageing mother-in-law. Friday afternoon was sunny and warm so we went down to Shapwick on the levels. Birding was pretty quiet but as we were watching a Kingfisher on a dead tree a sleek shape broke the surface of water followed by a head and then...
  14. robinm

    3 from last night in Kent

    I'm still pretty new to this and would appreciate some id assistance on these three. 1. Least Carpet is the best fit I can find in Waring. 2. ? 3. ? Thanks in advance :t:
  15. robinm

    Robins have left nest

    On Friday (before going away for the weekend) I noticed 4 large Robin young being fed in the nest box. This morning the box is empty and I can only see one of the young in a bush in the garden. 12th March (or possible 10/11) for Robins to have left the nest is the earliest I have ever...
  16. robinm

    Today's Independent (UK)

    If you want to see how ignorant our newspaper editors are about birds have a look at page 7 of today's (Mon 3/4/2006) Independent. There is an article on the Maltese hunting issue and is accompanied by a photo of "eagle, turtle dove, swallow and robin". Problem is the eagle photo is a...
  17. robinm

    Red-crested Pochard/?????

    Saw this on my local lake today (and for the past few visits). Not brilliant pics. The head is clearly RC Pochard drake but the rest ?? Any suggestions? Thanks,
  18. robinm

    Westhay Starling Roost

    Took my mother-in-law back to Somerset yesterday so decided to see the starling roost while down there. I wasn't too hopeful as, when we got there, it was cold, overcast and snowing gently. Still nothing ventured ... and there were maybe a hundred other idiots like me there. Anyway, as I...
  19. robinm

    Return of Grey Wagtail

    First sighting of juvenile in the garden this autumn today. We have had Grey Wagtail in the garden for several winters now. They are always juveniles (although on a couple of occasions first visits have been with adults). The arrival dates for 2001-2004 are 22/9, 4/10, 23/9 and 20/9...
  20. robinm

    British Dragonfly ID please

    Sorry for quality of the photo. I am still learning about these but suspect thei may be a female Common Darter (?????).
  21. robinm

    Waxwings at Dartford

    There has been a flock of over 100 Waxwings in trees in the car park of the Holiday Inn Express, Dartford, Kent for a few days now. This is 2 minutes drive from the Dartford Crossing. We went there today and counted 120-130. Before they were all spooked by a lorry I managed a few photos.
  22. robinm

    Easy One to ID

    I thought it would be nice to have a fairly easy one for once. Perhaps our experts should leave this one. I'll post the answer tomorrow morning.
  23. robinm

    Larva ID please. Kent UK

    I am pretty hopeless at these. The nearest I can get from my book is a Dot Moth. Thanks,
  24. robinm

    "Must see" photos from Hanno

    Some of you may not look at this thread from the title but it contains absolutely stunning photos. http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=22203
  25. robinm

    Cagebird ?? Kent, England

    In my garden this am. Sorry for quality - taking through dirty windows (must get round to it sometime!) but managed to get a variety of angles.