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  1. Pauhana

    Should i rent a Sigma 150-600 or Canon 1.4xiii

    I will be heading up to North Dakota next month for a birding trip out on the prairie. Currently i have 7dii and 100-400ii. It would be nice to have a little more reach. Since i cannot afford to rent for 2 weeks or buy a Canon 600 was thinking maybe of renting the sigma or getting a Canon...
  2. Pauhana

    Any North Dakota birders out there?

    Looking for info on Kunkel School Section Prairie. Plan a trip for June this year
  3. Pauhana

    Repair Update - Nikon

    Sent in a pair on Nikon 3 10x42 I purchased back in 2011 because the armor was disintegrating, hoping to get fixed under warranty. Bins sent in late January. Nikon did accept as a warranty repair which surprised me as I did not have the original warranty card but did have the purchase...
  4. Pauhana

    R6 and birds video

    thought this was interesting By Duade Paton looks at R6 good and bad For birding. Considering this camera as no way I can afford R5 on my pension
  5. Pauhana

    Bin's $300-500 range

    Looking for a pair of backup bins to have to observe backyard birds and to carry in car for those moments i don't have my regular bin's. Currently using older Nikon Monarch (lower end) that are 10 years old and falling apart. Looking for 8x42. Am an eyeglass wearer. was looking at Vanguard...
  6. Pauhana

    And now a rumour of Mirrorless APS-C R series

    https://www.canonrumors.com/there-may-be-a-higher-end-aps-c-mirrorless-announced-in-late-2020-early-2021-cr2/ "have been told that Canon has plans to announce a “high-end” APS-C camera in late 2020 or early 2021. Product launches are obviously affected by the current global landscape. What I...
  7. Pauhana

    New R6

    https://www.canonrumors.com/here-are-more-canon-eos-r6-specifications-cr2/ Interesting, a few more update rumored spec's
  8. Pauhana

    7D Mk ii to 5D MkIV maybe

    Considering a change from my 7DMKii. Main reason since moving to Tennessee I find myself shooting in lower light levels. Forested trails, in the rain, lots of cloudy days. A majority of my birds are static. BIF larger birds, swallows occasionally if light is good. High ISO on 7D just not...
  9. Pauhana

    Ziess Conquest hinge issues

    Anyone had an issue with hinge on Ziess Conquest needing to be tighten? Wondering if there is a way to fix this or if i need to send in for repair. And i wonder if US repair even open at this point. Randy
  10. Pauhana

    New X-T4

    Wow this looks very interesting https://www.fujirumors.com/ Will have to see what comes out once in hands of public, but this could move me to fuji. Also waiting on new glass announcements
  11. Pauhana

    More rumors. Eos R6

    Posted today on Canon Rumors......seems as though the aps-c “might” be dead in in an R body series. https://www.canonrumors.com/canon-eos-r6-specifications-cr2-5/ For you 7d mkii users like myself would you consider this as a replacement?
  12. Pauhana

    Pauhana's 2020 list

    After doing a personal big year in 2019 hope focus on birding new areas around Tennessee and nearby states. Started year in Florida visiting family and friends and was also able to make a few quick stops in Alabama on the way home. 1 Eurasian Collared-Dove Gulfport Beach & Waterfront US-FL...
  13. Pauhana

    Razor HD Wow

    My wife ok’d purchase of new Vortex Razor for Christmas. Am so very pleased with this new scope. We are down in Florida visiting family and friends so got to try it out at my old stomping ground FT DeSoto Park. Was seeing detail of flocks of Redheads out in bay I never had before with my...
  14. Pauhana

    Pentax Pf80 ED eyepieces

    Think I am going to pull trigger On the Pentax. I also have a Pentax 65 so already own a Xw14 and Baader xcell 12. Any further suggestions on additional eyepieces I should add for the Pf80 or just get the zoom. I need to scope large lakes (reservoirs) here in Tennessee Randy
  15. Pauhana

    New scope shopping. Pentax or vortex

    Looking to upgrade my 80 mm scope. Narrowed down to Pentax pf80 and vortex viper. I want a straight scope. Will be used primarily to scope large impounds in the area for ducks and gulls I tired the Pentax this past week for 4 days using the Pentax zoom. Only thing I would like a wider fov...
  16. Pauhana

    Need to Update zoom on older Celestron 80 ED

    Has anyone tried the Baader MK IV zoom on a older Celestron Regal 80 F-ED? Have not been thrilled with factory zoom. Using scope more now to scan lakes for ducks, grebes, etc. Think i need to change zoom or get a new scope
  17. Pauhana

    Kowa TSN-821M Used. Would you buy

    Found above scope used with zoom under $500. In very good condition. Current using a 80 mm. Celestron regal. As anyone familiar with this older kowa scope? Would it be a good replacement upgrade for celestron?
  18. Pauhana

    E-M1 MkII user question

    Trying out EM1 - mkii rental this morning for first time and have a couple of questions Using a panny 100-400. do you set IS for camera or lens Veiwfinder is a challenge to locate warblers, but this was expected issue i would think. However, part of the problem is view is so bright its...
  19. Pauhana

    Is it time to change to 4/3

    So is it time to change from DSLR to 4/3 for birding? Would like to shave a few pounds off my kit. Currently 7D MKii & 100-400 Mk ii. My other concern is the bet's are on no 7d MKiii coming from Canon My thoughts are moving to Olympus Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II with 300 mm lens. Or to...
  20. Pauhana

    Pauhana's 2019 List

    Starting a little behind this year. This will first full year birding in Tennessee so will see what happens. Strange weather......Sunday it was high of 70 F today high will be 45 F with lows in teens. Yikes, kinda messed up some of the birds 1 Mourning Dove 2 American Crow 3...
  21. Pauhana

    Randy's Year List

    Running a bit behind this year 1 Anhinga 2 Virginia Rail 3 Common Gallinule 4 Mourning Dove 5 Belted Kingfisher 6 Eastern Phoebe 7 Muscovy Duck 8 Northern Shoveler 9 Lesser Scaup 10 Pied-billed Grebe 11 Wood Stork 12 Double-crested Cormorant 13...
  22. Pauhana

    ID Help need for California LEP

    I photographed these at Calaveras Big Trees State Park, Arnold California Am thinking possible Johnson's Hairstreak
  23. Pauhana

    How to carry a spotting scope - help

    Here is my dilemma. There are times like today i needed to carry my scope with me in the field. My lightweight rig is a Pentax PF65II and a Velbon EX 630. But i also carry bin's with a chest harness and a Canon 7dii and 100-400 ii. Toting the scope on my shoulder is a pain (and...
  24. Pauhana

    Alpine Lake area June 2017

    Will be in CA during June this year and have been planning a trip to area around Lake Alpine. My concern is with the snow pack this year is it going to be a worthwhile trip. Plan to be up the there w/o June 12. Hearing talk they my still be skiing in area into July. My options 1. Stay Bear...
  25. Pauhana

    Lens Upgradea and Thanks

    Based on suggestions here i traded in my 100-400 vi and 400 5.6l for the newer 100-400 vii. Am blown away by this lens. Using with my 7D Mkii BIF photos are amazing, The overall performance is WOW. Thanks again for the suggestions to make this upgrade. Randy