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  1. bkrownd

    Pocket cameras

    I was thinking of getting a simple compact pocket camera like a Canon S120 for quickly documenting small plants, insects and snails, but it seems that this sensible model line ends at the S120, and that Canon replaced it with other model lines that aren't quite equivalent? So, for anyone in...
  2. bkrownd

    The Birdingpal web site

    FYI, it appears that the Birdingpal site is no longer maintained. I've been trying to get my defunct e-mail address removed for a year now, and I've never received any replies from the admin or seen any changes.
  3. bkrownd

    Question on odd problem with my Zen Rays

    I have some Zen Ray 7x36 ED2 from 2010. Behind the objectives, more one side than the other, they're developing an opaque rainbow pattern around the edges. It suddenly got worse during a very rainy and sweaty outing last weekend. I'm wondering if this is water wicking into a gap between some...
  4. bkrownd

    ABC video "Endangered Hawai'i"

    American Bird Conservancy video - "Endangered Hawai'i - New ABC Film Depicts Bird Extinction Crisis In Hawai'i" - link here: http://www.abcbirds.org/abcprograms/oceansandislands/hawaii/endangered_hawaii.html I guess it was posted about 5 months ago, but I just saw the link today.
  5. bkrownd

    NEX 5 warning

    When I got my NEX 5 I put some protective cling film on the screen to protect the glass and blue coating. The other day the corner of the film caught inside the camera sleeve and peeled up a bit at the corner. To my horror, the blue coating was coming off with the protective film! On the area...
  6. bkrownd

    La Crosse Area Visit

    When visiting La Crosse in the late autumn I usually do my daily bird survey in a little area informally called "Holmberg Trails" at the base of the bluffs in the Shelby neighborhood on the south end of La Crosse, behind the ominous Trane office building, a nursing home (and old hospital) and an...
  7. bkrownd

    Pelican nesting colony smashed in Minnesota

    :/ "Farmer Charged In Pelican Slaughter" http://www.startribune.com/local/129948168.html
  8. bkrownd

    Hybrid honeycreepers

    Someone on the hawaiibirding yahoo group recently posted a link to a news blurb claiming the first documented 'apapane-i'iwi hybrid. Mention of the hybrid in the original article mysteriously (suspiciously?) disappeared, but I found a copy here...
  9. bkrownd

    Interesting vegetation question

    I was out in the forest last weekend, and discovered an odd "dead zone". The spot had a nearly solid subcanopy of cibotium tree ferns, with sparse canopy of mixed trees about 20-30 feet tall. There was an area about 18 meters diameter where ALL the tree fern fronds had died, creating an...
  10. bkrownd

    Sound File Hosting Options

    I'd love to be able to provide links to my recordings from my journal and photo galleries on the internet, however my ancient ISP has never increased its tiny quota limits, and for some reason the photo site I use does not allow sound files even though I've already paid for vast amounts of...
  11. bkrownd

    Minnesota-Wisconsin Thanksgiving 2010

    I spent Thanksgiving week enjoying some winter weather in Minnesota and Wisconsin, which is a rare treat for me. Freezing rain in Minnesota kept me from heading to as many locations as I normally do, but I added some variety by actually paying attention to the ducks and other floaty things this...
  12. bkrownd

    Eyepeice Caps

    Are there any good sources for eyepeice covers (825R) besides direct from Swift? I regularly lose them in my daily bumpity-bump-snag-snag-snag through the wilderness. Are there any flip-out covers that would fit the 825R?
  13. bkrownd

    Moving from DSLR to multi-camera

    I've gotten fairly sick of hauling my D300 on longer outings and work days where I don't expect to find anything like endangered plants that NEED a high quality photo. Additionally, I have a wonderful wide angle lens, but it's even more weight/bulk, and I have insufficient motivation to stop...
  14. bkrownd

    July 3, 2010 - Mauna Loa Strip Road (Test)

    Some of my outings are of a less sensitive nature than others, and I'm kicking around the idea of having some of my journal entries password protected and others public access. I'm not sure if I can link to an unprotected subgallery inside my password protected journal gallery, so I'm testing...
  15. bkrownd

    Sooty garage moth

    These moths frequently spend the night on the interior walls of my garage. They appear dark and sooty from a distance, but the flash brought out this brown color and patterns. While at rest its wings are held in a V above its body. It is not quite 1 inch long. They are one of the most...
  16. bkrownd

    Offline for a while

    Unfortunately, I've had to take my galleries offline for a few months and will have to discontinue the journal due to a sharp increase in potentially hostile visitors to my PBASE site. I will post summaries from bird surveys during bird survey season, though, and maybe some volunteer days if...
  17. bkrownd

    Mauna Kea

    For anyone thinking of visiting Hawai'i you may be interested to know that leeward Mauna Kea has been closed for the entire summer due to this winter's extreme El Nino drought. The bureaucracy has banned all entry on the leeward side of the mountain, explicitly including "hiking" and...
  18. bkrownd

    New Recorder Time

    After being briefly stumped by a very shy juvenile creeper last weekend I decided to finally get a digital recorder so I don't have to keep spending a lot of time scribbling so much half-baked code in my notebook to represent tweets, pips, peeps and tweedles. The Olympus LS-10 was looking good...
  19. bkrownd

    Change of Address Form

    I'm in the process of moving my adventure journal to my PBASE account, which I've been meaning to do for a while. It is still a work in progress since I don't have any past experience with CSS. Unfortunately this is also a difficult time for PBASE, which can be a bit loopy some days. The...
  20. bkrownd

    10/26/09 - Halepohaku

    About a month ago I noticed an abundance of active and vocal 'apapane at Halepohaku (visitor center and dorm complex on the South slope of Mauna Kea) as the mamane bloom broke out. Since then their numbers have steadily declined until only a quiet handful remain, and even the year-around...
  21. bkrownd

    10/25/09 - Pu'u Maka'ala NAR

    Unfortunately I wasted a lot of this morning covering up my broken car window, and some other associated nonsense. I only got a half day out. I decided to just explore a new area off of Army Road makai in Pu'u Maka'ala NAR. I did point counts throughout the day. Average counts were about...
  22. bkrownd

    10/24/09 - Kaumana Trail

    Well it was bound to happen eventually. While I was out on the Saddle today somebody smashed my car window and made off with some pocket change from the glove compartment - mostly pennies! Seems they also hit one of the hunters' cars. For pocket change! There is sharp glass everywhere in my...
  23. bkrownd

    10/22/09 - Powerline Road

    The passing storms have brought clear dry weather to our end of the island chain. Although I have a lot on my exploration agenda I knew I couldn't pass up this opportunity to go out on Powerline Road, and perhaps get into the more distant kipukas. I got up a little earlier than usual, and...
  24. bkrownd

    10/18/09 - Pu'u Maka'ala NAR

    I'm a little late in posting Sunday's adventure summary. I was pooped out Sunday morning, and got the usual late start. The weather was dry, and it didn't really rain all day. When I got up to Army Road I decided to go down to the area between the 'aku unit and pu'u maka'ala and try to get...
  25. bkrownd

    10/17/09 - Pu'u Pili and Pu'u Huluhulu

    Saturday was Kohala Watershed Partnership volunteer day at Pu'u Pili, beating back the Himalayan ginger infestation. Pu'u Pili is a forested pu'u within Kahua Ranch not far from the summit of Kohala that is being turned into a native forest preserve, and will eventually be cleared of pigs and...