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Howard King
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Out of interest I also today recieved this message from Nick Moran in the UAE

Hi Howard

This is a 100% Greater White-fronted Goose, juvenile as you say. Blackish bill tip, rather dark head / neck and orange legs (visible clearly in the flight shot) are amongst the good features for separating from 'Lags'.

Incidentally, we are in the middle of an influx of Greater White-fronted Geese here in the UAE - Oscar Campbell and I found groups of 2 and 5 individuals at two locations near Abu Dhabi today, having found 2 on the East Coast (Dibba) last weekend. Like you, Greylags are also the most frequently seen grey goose here. We did see an unusually large flock of that species (21) a week or so back too, so it would appear that there are higher than usual numbers of geese reaching this far south. Additionally, 10 Ruddy Shelduck have been recorded to date in the UAE this autumn, after 3 blank years.

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