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Originally Posted by Kevin Purcell View Post
Nice one, Owen. Do you have a favorite monopod?
Right now it's a Bogen 681B w/Bogen 3229 tilt head and 677SPN foot. Overkill-too heavy and uses a tripod adapter that makes switching bins a pain. It stays next to the back door, usually with a Pentax 12.5x50 DCF SP mounted on it. My other one is a cheapie from Wal-Mart that I bought just to see if I'd use a monopod or not. It uses a Stoney Point rest, and lives in a locker at work.

Ordered the Bogen 676B monopod I've been wanting today. It's a lightweight 4 section, and will wear a Stoney Point rest. I'm 5'6", and short enough that it will work for me at ~62.5" total height with the rest. At 1lb. total, I expect this will be my favorite for use with 7-8x binoculars, since I'll actually take it places with me.
I do love monopods. All my binoculars are image stabilized
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