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Good deal on the Promasters

I was out Christmas shopping tonight and discovered that Mike's Camera store here in the Denver, Colorado area carries the Promaster Infinity Elite ELX's. At good prices, too! The 8x42 are $400 and the 10x42 are $450. I only had a few seconds to try them out. They seemed very sharp, as every else has said, but I wasn't that impressed with the focusing. Eye relief was fine with my glasses with the cups down, a pleasant surprise since the 10x42 supposedly have only 15.2 mm. I preferred the 10x42. The apparent field of view (the image circle) was larger and I had no problem holding them steady. Overall the ergonomics and build quality were great except for the slow focus. I wish I could give you a more detailed review of the 10x42, but the saleslady was hovering over me and they were very busy due to the holiday.

Mike's is a fairly small local chain, but they do have a website (

Here are some links to save you searching:

I've got no business buying new bins right now, but I'm sorely tempted at these prices! Mike's is a reputable company, but I've never ordered from their website since I can just go to the store. It looks like they ship internationally.

Hope this helps!

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