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Originally Posted by karpman View Post
A strange bird indeed, My apologies for creating any hysteria in sleepy Leicestshire.

Would love to some better photos of the bird as mine were taken through a scope with a phone and don't portray it all that well.
My assumption on Purple heron was not made alone nor was it made lightly, Also was seconded by other birders, Just in case anyone is feeling a bit grumpy because they missed there barbies and burnt some diesel:)

Aka. Ryder Hurn
No worries or grumpiness round here karpman....!

That is one seriously messed up bird...[looks like it fell out the 'ugly-tree' and hit every branch on the way down]...!

Heard about this heron on way the home from elsewhere yesterday...and i was going to go for this bird today...but having only just noticed this thread....i ain't going now...!

As to what the actual species is....[apart from being a freak]...well...i don't think i really want to know!

Can understand the initial confusion tho....

ps...i thought that Marabou was the ugliest looking storkyheron thing...until looking at that photo...[be kinder to 'put it down' wouldn't it]...?

Poor buger....
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