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Originally Posted by SueO View Post
Crazyfingers, I apologize for cannibilizing your thread, but this is so appropriate.
HA. No problem. Keep the topic going a while longer I say. And your experience sounds so similar to mine. Camera not focusing as the critter sits and finally leaves... It's very frustrating.

For my part I have been very tempted to just go get the Canon SX30 but I have resisted because, as noted above, there are some new cameras on their way and there should be some hands-on reviews out soon. I can get along a few more months. I need whatever I end up getting by July for our various trips to Maine on vacation.

But even the preliminary reviews I have seen and the published specs, make me think that it's likely I will get the Canon.

I don't want to be replacing AA batteries. I want it to have a rechargeable battery. That means that the new Fuji 20 is probably out unless some other overriding factor emerges. But it's also a lot heavier and larger than the others and I would like to be able to comfortably ride my bicycle with it around my neck.

I have a very strong reluctance to buy anything from Sony these days given their inexcusable and unethical activities placing hidden tracking software to infect people's computers.

The Nikon P500 is due in the stores shortly but I have strong doubts that they will fix their focus problem.

Panasonic would be OK if the product is right.

Anyway. I'm resisting deciding yet. I'm going to wait a month a least I think. But I have been very happy with the image quality of the various Canon pocket cameras I've had. That quality or a bit better on a big zoom would likely satisfy me - so long as it focuses!
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