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I’m glad you reviewed the Caldera’s, Steve. I bought a pair of the 10x42 after Christmas. I actually got them for $235. They had problems unfortunately. There was about 10 degrees of play in the focus knob and the diopter moved every time I put it in the case. I send them into Kruger and they replaced them with a new unit. The one I sent in had a serial number starting with AB21 and the replacements were AB22. The new ones are much better. The play in the focus knob is gone and they’ve redesigned the lock button on the diopter. When I ordered mine, I noticed that some dealers were selling for $350 to $400 and some for $200 to $250. I suspect Kruger had problems with the first production run and the cheap ones are the early ones. That would explain why the cheap ones are not available anymore. The place I bought mine from has raised the prices by about $100.

The Caldera’s are a mixed bag for me. I love the ergonomics. The optics are sharp and the FOV is impressive. However, the focus is too fast for me. I do OK with them at close range, but focusing on distant objects requires too light a touch. I find myself constantly tweaking the focus. I have the same complaints about the Minox HG 8x33, which everyone else seems to love. So, it’s probably just me. The only other problem I encountered was that I noticed the rolling ball effect for the first time in my life while panning across a row of houses. I’ve been unable to reproduce the effect while birding, so I guess it was the straight lines of the houses that did it.

I bought the Caldera’s with the idea that I would review them. I couldn’t find a single other review on the web at the time. Not even a thumbs up, thumbs down review. I decided not to review them because I didn’t want the only review to be a negative one that might be just a matter of personal taste. I saw another brief review on Cloudy Nights recently and he likes them too, so it probably is just me.
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