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Geez, Brock. Try the SV before you announce a "deal breaker."

I spent about seven hours with the warblers (et al.) two days ago and all I can say is, forget about it. The 8.5 SV just does it. Sancho called it "ocular comfort," which sounds right. Bring 'em up and there you go--you've got that Hooded Warbler, that Worm-eating Warbler, that Rose-breasted Grosbeak (you live in PA and that's a new bird??). In past years I've used the 8x32 SE for my spring walks, and loved it, but it won't be my first choice ever again. Sorry.

And yes, I'm even willing to put up with the SV's weight.

As for being "feckless": what?? The only thing feckless is to make binocular pronouncements in the absence of any and all experience with the binocular in question.

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