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Originally Posted by Steve C View Post
It's too bad Nikon doesn't put a little more effort into this 8x25 bin. It is just about ideal size and has a lot wider view than almost anything its size. I just about bought one from Sportsman's Warehouse a couple of weeks ago for $80. The only thing that really put me off was of the several I have tried about half were dim and fuzzy and didn't impress me much. The last couple seemed perfectly acceptable. If Nikon would phase correct these and update the coatings I could like it just fine. Maybe upgrade it to the Monarch standard keeping the specs it has.
Your right with Monarch standard and a 25mm aperture it would give you an exit pupil that would be way better than all these 8x20 alpha roofs. I just tried a Nikon 10x25 LX and I still prefer the Nikon Prostaff 8x25 reverse porro for the bigger exit aperture. I ordered one of these PentaX UCF 8X25 w porro's to compare with the Prostaff. They are a little weird looking but on Amazon they have good reviews." As for the reverse porros, I briefly looked at a Pentax WP model worth considering, similar to the Travelite EX and was under $100. Just not a fan of the this design...too bulky and just plain ugly as well."

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