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Originally Posted by flossiepip View Post
I have a set of Vortex Fury's and they are just fine. You know, some of the best country men I ever met never owned a set of binoculars!
I was almost going to buy a Vortex Fury 6.5 x32 on Astromart because a guy was selling a pair for $90.00 new and then I read this review that they were not as good as a Monarch. You can get a Monarch for $180.00 on E-bay so it stopped me. Have you ever compared your Vortex to a Monarch 8x42? Here is the review that stopped me.

"I recently purchased and then returned the Vortex Fury 6.5x32's. I found it's optics to be very good. It's resolution and depth of field are both very good; actually, for an inexpensive binocular they are both excellent. The 6.5x magnification was usefull and not a significant drop off from 8x. Their field of view is wide, important to some, but not to me. They are brighter than my 28's. Focus was smooth and precise; these are not difficult to focus; no issues due to shallow depth of field or too fast focus. In regard to optics and functioning these 6.5x32 Fury's are very pleasent to use.
Why then did I return them? Too heavy and too bulky. Where gripped, their barrel diameters are larger then Nikon Monarch 8x42's. They weigh noticably more then Nikon Monarch 8x42's and they are not as bright as Nikon Monarch 8x42's, nor do they match Nikon Monarch 8x42's in resolution. Thus, as they are bulkier, heavier and offer no advantage over my Nikon Monarch 8x42's - I would never use them. Handling is of supreme importance to me. If handling is not as important to you, then these are very servicable binoculars with very good optics."
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