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Originally Posted by Pileatus View Post
In 2004 I bought my wife an 8X32 SE along with a Nikon HG 8X42 for myself. A few weeks earlier I'd looked at an SE and summarily dismissed it as "impossible to use" due to blackouts. The HG, in contrast to the SE, had great eyecups, perfect eye relief and was bombproof.

As we birded together, I regularly compared the two binoculars. When I studied details carefully it was obvious the SE was something special. Still, I refused to admit what my eyes were telling me. Ownership is a powerful bias.

After a few weeks of intermittent use, I adapted to my wife's SE and it to me. Blackouts became a thing of the past. I returned the 8X42 HG, purchased an 8X32 SE for myself and never looked back. I simply got tired of asking myself "I wonder what this would look like in her SE?

Within a few months I also purchased an Ultravid 7X42 because, like many, I bird in the rain. I spent nearly two relaxing hours comparing the Ultravid to my SE. The salesman I dealt with commented that, "the SE was as good as the Ultravid". This was surprising considering there were SE's and E2's sitting in the glass case where we stood. Admittedly, he didn't know how good the porro bins were though he commented, "birders do like them". Yes, it's the same store that recently flushed it's remaining supply of E2's/SE's.

The Ultravid was great but I never adapted to its soft edges. Argue, if you want, but the edges are not sharp. As much as I used and enjoyed the Ultravid I knew I'd buy the first "SE-like" roof bin I could find, regardless of cost. The first time I picked up the 8.5X42 Swarovision I said, "That's the SE view I'm looking for". My wife, a die-hard SE user, agreed. Other SE users on BF have said the same thing about the Swarovision. There's a reason we say what we say.
Exactly my feelings! The SV is a waterproof SE. Maybe a little better because it has the sharper edges. But if you can get them wet get the SE or the EII(if you like the bigger FOV).
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