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Originally Posted by BinoBoy View Post
Amazon has the 8x20 for $140 and the 10x25 for $150 with free shipping.

Thanks for the review, Tom! I've been waiting for it.

What kind of strap do they use? You mentioned lugs, so I assume it is a removable/replacable one. Does it use a strap or a cord?

I happened to be in the library yesterday and looked at the current copy of Outdoor Life. They have a gear review this issue and they tested the 10x25s. They rated the optical quality as excellent. Their only complaint was that "the diopter ran out of travel". I'm not sure if they meant that there was something wrong with the diopter on their sample or if it didn't have enough adjustment to compensate for the tester's eye. Anyway, the review was pretty favorable.

Alpen calls it a premium extra wide strap. It is 1-1/2" wide around the neck, nicely padded, and tapers down to a 3/8" nylon strap with a quck release buckle that attaches via a nylon loop onto the bino.

I don't know how many diopters of adjustment there are but my right eye is about 1-1/2 worse than my left. The bino has 4 indents on the diopter knob in each direction and I see I have it set at about 1-1/4, so I guess there is 4 diopters worth of adjustment in each direction.

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