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Originally Posted by RoyCo View Post
Good report Sandra! You clearly fell for the place - How would you rate the place in "Lesvos" terms - higher or Lower (or just different)?
We have decided that Extremadura could well be the place for next Spring - I know you went with Speyside. Anyone have any thoughts about other travel companies going there - say NatureTrek, for instance (although they also go up into the hills I believe)?
Like to see your Spanish peacock photos!

Regards, R&S
Would say in second place to Lesvos, but we know Lesvos so well and of course we had guides to take us round Spain! And Spain is so big compared to the island. What made the holiday unforgettable too was the great accommodation we had. It was near Trujillo but in the countryside and the hosts couldn't have done more for us. The food was Spanish and our packed lunches were chosen each evening. Needless to say, mine was usually "surprise me" but always interesting and delicious.

Our trip report from the travel company has come through now but it wasn't on their website the last time I looked. The previous week's report was there and that will be worth a read as it was like our week in lots of ways. They seemed to have better views of Spanish Imperial Eagle but I can live with that...............

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