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Originally Posted by Kammerdiner View Post
That's the problem: you go round and round chasing your own tail because you can't actually compare much of anything. It's a sad, scientific fact: memory does not serve you correctly in such situations. By now Dennis your memory is so full of competing and overlapping "views" that I really can't put much credence in any of it.

Good luck with all this buying and selling, but don't expect to ever come to rest with anything. You're in consumer limbo.
Your probably are right but I do remember a few people on the forum saying that also and I think it was from a direct comparison. One person said they had to constantly refocus the Zeiss FL. I would like to have the Zeiss now to compare. Do take credence in this though the BN compares very well to the SV for such an old design and smaller aperture and the BN at todays prices is a very good buy if you want a really small compact solid 32mm for traveling or hiking where you don't want to carry the big 42mm. I think in that Cornell Study if you take credence in that the Leica 8x32 BN was fourth among the 19 alpha binoculars even ahead of the older Swarovski 8.5x42. That is pretty impressive for a little 32mm binocular.
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