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Originally Posted by bearclawthedonut View Post
Frank D:

You are far braver than I. I would NEVER expose my any of my credit cards to PayPal, which is as I understand is a requirement to make purchases on ebay (as ebay owns paypal). I salute your courage.

Have you seen any reviews on the Vanguard Spirit ED 8x36? It has intriguing specs. 4.9" tall, 18.69 oz, 17 mm of eyerelief and ED glass all for $280. I wonder if it is worth a try? I've seen a couple of good reviews on the Vanguard Endever series (which like the new ZR ED3 is too heavy for me), but nothing about the Spirit ED series. Things too good to be true are generally not. Still, I guess it could be done with a polycarbonate frame. Vanguard's promotional photos appear to sugest that the usable eyerelief might be a good bit less than 17mm's due to the eyecup design?

After over 10 years on ebay and PP I've never had a problem, and I've never heard or read anything about them having any financial info compromised. But I do have a dedicated bank account and debit card that I use exclusively for Paypal.

Have a look at the 8x36 Bushnell Legend Ultra HD which is a very nice bino. ER is advertised as 15.4mm, but I have not had a problem with my bifocals or progressives, although I generally don't use glasses but test every bino with them. With the $50 rebate, the net cost comes to around $150-$160 or so.

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