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Originally Posted by timwootton View Post
Just back from collecting copious unsold work from my show in North Berwick. Taking home almost as many as went down is a sobering poke in the ribs but the trip had a most definite highlight.

not too miss line 1 -hope you are not too dispirited following the long haul with the full boot

then getting to that generous paean of praise for the Woodhead

hard to know whether to laugh or cry at the thought of him doing such marvellous stuff outside in rain or shine

always surprised by how delicate much of it is (the Waxwings, Twite)- despite the spontaneous outdoors approach, not often he reaches for the big swooshy loaded brush
My sentiments exactly: I hope that the lack of sales is not too dispiriting, though it's easy to see how it might be. This doesn't change the high quality of the work at all. They're still the same high quality. But I'm sure it doesn't help in paying the bills either. I'd say that I think sales will improve when the economy does. But that may be more depressing than inspiring................ Still it has to improve one day, probably when no one expects it.

I envy you the chance to see all those Darren Woodheads. Never having seen one in person I can only guess how much more powerful they must be than the book reproductions. As you said at least there was that one highlight, and what a highlight it must have been.
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