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All but two of the binoculars that I have listed have removable metal eyecups. That aids greatly with eye relief issues though if you wear eyeglasses I could see where the remaining metal rings may scratch your glasses. I do agree about the build quality you mentioned. Very, very good.


It seems you have, or have experience with, quite a few of the bins that I managed to pick up. With regard to the Sears 7x50, I purchased it based on wanting 7x with a large exit pupil and a wide field of view. Not many that fit that bill. I am very pleased with it. If the ocular lenses weren't so recessed I would be able to see the field stops and therefore the full field of view. That was the reason I picked up the Binolux. Hopefully the new unit that I have arriving will be in better shape.

I am glad you are still hanging onto that Nikon 7x35 WF. I love the view through that one. Not as wide as some of the others but very relaxed. I am surprised this one isn't mentioned more often with the likes of the E, EII and SE. In many ways it is very similar though it obviously can't match them in terms of coatings and therefore contrast or light transmission. Still love it though. This could easily be my full time glass.

Lots of other "goodies" in that list. The Tasco I have is much, much better than one would think.


I would agree that the Yosemite is an excellent binocular. None of these can really match it in terms of apparent contrast or brightness. Still, they have a great deal going for them. I do love picking each one up and looking through it. They each have a slightly different optical "flavor" that I find appealing.

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