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Thank you for posting. You are one of the folks that I hoped would contribute to this thread. I know you have a fascination for porros and have owned many of the more current ones that I have. To hear that you have owned some of these models is also comforting. I do plan on continuing to keep an eye out for several of the models you mentioned. As I commented above, some of them are well known though and typically sell for more than I am willing to pay. Maybe one will sneak past everyone else's radar.

I do want to share one experience I had today. I stopped by one of the local quarries to glass for any waterfowl present. I had the Jason Clipper, Sears 7x50, Nikon WF and the Tasco 116 with me (along with the little Nikon ED50). Glassing huge expanses of Canada Geese looking for an odd duck or two mixed into the flock of 1000 birds was really enjoyable with these porros. The 3D effect coupled with the great apparent sharpness and expansive field of view made the overall experience quite memorable. I did have two roof prism models along as well. They showed me the same birds. Their "objective performance" was better than the porros but the field performance of the porros is unmatched. I am glad folks are overlooking the classic porro design.
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