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Originally Posted by black crow View Post
First off did you read where I mentioned the Closest Cabellas like binoc store is like a four hour drive?

But there are others things besides the wow effect of optics viewing that one needs to look for. I don't want to get on your case here but I mentioned that many good binocs can under easy viewing conditions compare with some of the best binocs. For instance I have managed to get a peep through upper end Kowa binocs and even had my Monarch 3s in hand for a comparison at the store's outside birdfeeders on an overcast day. There was all these beatuiful yellow finches at the feeders and Kowas won but not by much. They had more of what I called at the time a sense of "being there" with what you were looking at. But I certainly couldn't justify the difference in price. But I'll bet if I had them both in the field for a day and knew about stray light (is this the correct term?) problems or fringing and how to look for it I would have come away not thinking they were so close. Later when I got my Eagle's in the mail I noticed that same wow factor optically over the Nikons. In the field I really noticed it. I think they would have really compared favorably with the Kowa's and I might have said hey for $800 bucks less I'm getting the same binoc. And maybe I am. But there may well be things I'm missing.

I'm not convinced at all that the upper priced binocs are worth that money anyway and that really doesn't help me much in evaluation of the binocs I have at hand. I'm really happy with those Eagles so far. And so is my pocket book. I got em on sale at $179 and can't believe my good fortune. Like you mentioned I'm satisfied with less than you are. (for which o lord I am grateful) In the mean time I want to learn how to evaluate the optics I am interested in.

Best bang for the buck and all that. (I just said that to irritate you)
If you think the less expensive binoculars ar as good as the alpha's then good for you. You just saved alot of money! To my eyes they are not. I think once you have more time with an alpha observing under different lighting conditions and viewing different birds you will come to realize there is a difference and that difference is worth the extra money. An extra $1k averaged over a lifetime of use is not that much. Maybe $30.00 a year? I think once you are more experienced with optics you will come to appreciate the top glass. To me that little bit of extra money is well worth it. You know all you have to do is give up a Starbucks coffee once in awhile to enjoy a Zeiss FL or a Swarovski Swarovision.
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