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I agree with all of the above (although I claim no knowledge of whether the effects on bandwidth are great or small, good or bad).
Certainly I don't think BF would want this to be the thin end of the wedge......but as a one-off its been an interesting ride....

Perhaps the efficacy of the mechanism has suprised Charles himself, and maybe even the Administrators.
I think Jerry's on the right track, some sort of change may be in order after this set of bins is run and won....

"Those who can see the future are destined not to walk through it."

If it was just one post = one and only entry, then maybe the thread would have just been riding in the meat of the torque curve, instead of bouncing crazily off the rev limiter.

The lure of the PRIME HD's has definitely drawn a crowd!

Originally Posted by BrightIdea View Post
One thing that would be nice is if the posts at least had some semblance of of a common discussion, topic, theme, etc.
I think it has - it's called random! (it is largely a bit of fun after all)
It seems that one man's poetry is another's pack of p** tickets....

Anyway, I'm off to win some much needed bins, playing (nicely) by whatever rules stand, and without trying to be any sillier than I've already been

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