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Thanks Gretchen, Mike, and Etudiant

Yes, it's been a while.

(I needed a long rest after the 365 species in 160 or so days photo-fest).

Been keeping up though (really enjoyed reading your spendid account of your adventures in Sichuan, Mike).

Talking of Sichuan, I was in Chengdu a few weeks ago for the opening of "Panda valley".

My article that covers this ("Self-pandactualisation") is published here:

On the birding front, I had a walk around Lotus Hills yesterday with my daughter and was delighted to find a bird I had never before seen in winter in Beidaihe... (I actually only see a couple a year in spring here).

I'll keep you in suspense, other than saying that it was with a flock of about a dozen Elegant Buntings (which do regularly winter here, contrary to what it says in the Birds of East China).

Arty (ie ISO 3200 ;-) pics are here:

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