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Originally Posted by looksharp65 View Post

I have also had the Minox BV 8x25 BRW and it was usable, but now I have the Bushnell Excursion 8x28 that sells for roughly the same as the Offroad. Read the thread in the Bushnell subforum and get yourself one!

If you want get the most out of your €200, the Sightron Blue Sky 8x32 has earned a very good reputation on the forum.

IME/IMO the excursion 8x28 is far superior in actual use than the 8x25 minox. The minox is tiny though.

Also IME you will really have a difficult time finding a bino that is superior to (not just equal to) the theron LT / sightron SII 8x32's in the sub $250 range (200 euros).

I've made this offer before in PM, but if the euro-Birders are having trouble getting some bino's for a good price, you can buy a set of binos I have for sale, and if you overpay by the right amount, maybe I'll jsut "happen" to drop a brand new set of whatever else you want ordered from the US of A right into that same little ole shipping box . (Mods, is that OK to post? )
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